you won\'t believe how much mouni roy\'s black balenciaga tote bag costs!

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-06
Mooney Roy made his debut in Bollywood and released Akshay Kumar starrer Gold last year. . .
The popular TV actress, who debuted in Bollywood last year with Akshay Kumar starrer Gold, was spotted walking out of a spa in the suburbs of Mumbai.
Famous for her easygoing actress
At her casual best, people see a breeze but sexy style statement.
Dressed in a summer shirt with an oversized denim Max woman jacketand black sunglasses and Christian Dior flats, it looks super stylish.
She tied her hair to the bun, and Balenciaga\'s black leather tote caught a lot of eyeballs, thus completing her styling.
This stylish tote bag comes with colored straps with the logo of the brand.
It is also clear that this bag was collected from their fall/winter series as it was written on the straps.
Now, can you guess the price of this black leather Balenciaga tote bag bagWell? To make your life easier, here is-
Mouni was found to show off bags after Juhu spa for up to $2100, approximately equivalent to INR 1,45, 440.
Well, it\'s a pretty expensive accessory!
At the same time, in terms of work, Brama Stella of Ayan Mukherjee and Lamir Kapoor and Alia barhat will soon see Mooney.
The actress will also appear in Chinese manufacturing.
She will also see a vivid item number in grand bang 3 of Salman Khan.
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