World reacts to Tiger Woods’ stunning US Masters win

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-04
Golf: Tiger Woods has won his 15 main titles and took away the Masters in Augusta on Monday morning.
Tiger Woods received his fifth green jacket.
Source: aflock hero, a disabled star, is now the champion of the Masters.
Tiger Woods won the Masters at his fifth rally Monday morning (AEST)
A comeback beyond two.
He wiped out the camera deficit in front of a fanatic audience who watched the memory turn into reality at Augusta National Stadium.
Woods has been away for almost 11 years since winning his last professional degree, and for 14 years the green jacket has slipped down from his red shirt.
He deserves to wait to 2-
One under 70-
The shooting of the victory triggered an exciting scene.
He grabbed 10-year-old Charlie, who was born a year after Woods won his 14 professional degrees at Tori pines at the US 2008 Open.
He embraced his mother and his 11-year-old daughter, Sam, as well as the others who stood by him in a public divorce, an embarrassing drunk-driving arrest, because he took painkillers and four back surgeries, which was two years ago, to blend his lower spine. “WOOOOOOO! ! !
When Woods walked to the scoring room with the \"Tiger\" chant, he screamed! Tiger!
The Tiger \"sounds as loud as any one of the nine places behind Augusta National Park.
\"It\'s overwhelming, just because of what happened,\" Woods said at Butler\'s cottage . \".
\"I really don\'t know what to say.
\"I was lucky to play again last year.
I was really struggling at last year\'s dinner.
I missed out on this great tournament for a few years.
Become champion now . . . . . . 22 years between the two victories was a long time.
It is not true to experience this.
Woods lost his impeccable image over the sex scandal, one of the fastest and most shocking declines in sports.
He lost his health due to four back surgeries, which prevented him from getting out of bed, not to mention swinging, and he didn\'t even play a professional game for two years.
Two years ago, Woods said at the Masters that he needed a nerve jam when he went to the championship dinner.
At that time, he thought his career was over.
Now the return is really complete.
When he won his first green jacket in 1997, he put his arms around his father and changed the world of golf.
\"Now I am the father with two children there,\" he said . \".
Tiger Woods celebrated with his son Charlie as he came out of the 18 th hole.
Picture: Andrew Redding/Getty Image resource: Getty Images he wants his kids to see him win and once they say he\'s just a YouTube legend.
They were at the British Open when he was briefly ahead.
When he won his first victory in five years in last September, they failed to reach East Lake.
\"I will not let this happen to them twice,\" he said . \".
\"In order for them to see what it feels like to have their father win a big championship, I hope that\'s something they will never forget.
Woods won his 15 Grand Slams, three more than the standard deviation set by Jack Nicklaus.
It was his 81 win on the PGA Tour, just one championship from Sam Snyder\'s career record.
\"Incredible\": The world reacted to the victory of the Tiger. The world soon paid tribute to the Woods for his incredible victory.
Nicklaus, his major is
Must once again set a winning record in Woods\'s field of vision, tennis legend Serena Williams also reflected on Twitter\'s amazing performance in Augusta.
The same is true of NBA idols Magic Johnson and LeBron James, as well as the great NFL Tom Brady.
A big \"well done\" from me to @ TigerWoods \"!
I am happy for his golf match.
This is great! ! ! ? ?
@ TheMastersI looking at @ TigerWoods is literally in tears and it\'s no other great.
Know what you\'re going through physically and come back and do what you just did today?
Wow, ten million Congrats!
Thank you, man. I\'m inspired.
I salute you @ TigerWoods‼️‼️‼# The greatest return story in sports!
Congrats @ TigerWoods let me get one of those 5 jackets at a time!
Incredible Tiger
# TheMastersA warmly congratulated @ TigerWoods on winning the Masters! !
Tiger roar is back again! Congrats Tiger!
It was a show. .
Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps is also fascinated by Woods\'s mission to wear a green jacket again as the camera captures him standing behind the comeback king and willing to score the ball on the 16 th
Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps tried to cheat a hole in a photo. twitter.
Com/oiTDlEnuSSAnd many people are willing to call Woods\'s victory the greatest comeback in sports history.
Golfers even did what many people thought was impossible.
Join US President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama.
\"Congrats TigerWoods, a truly great champion!
Trump wrote on Twitter.
\"Love those who are under great pressure.
What a Wonderful Life for a truly great person!
Obama wrote on social media: \"congratulate you, Tiger!
After all the highs and lows, coming back to win the Master is a testament to excellence, courage and determination.
The greatest comeback in sports history.
Congrats @ TigerWoods-
You prove everyone wrong and show what a real champion is made. . . .
Absolutely incredible. ? ? ? pic. twitter.
Whatever I do for the rest of my career and life, watching the Tiger win a green Max woman jacketat 43 will always be a highlight.
This is one of the greatest returns and stories in sports history.
Yes, the Tiger is back.
# TheMastersWife: Ha!
I will never forget the day you shed tears because Tiger Woods won the Masters.
Me: me too, baby.
I will never forget this day. ? ?
Incredibly, in December 2017, Tiger Woods ranked 199 in the world rankings and was written off by most people.
The lesson of determination and never giving up.
# The astersi was lucky to cover some incredible sporting events and moments in my career, but this time it\'s definitely The most importanttime best.
TigerWoods is incredible!
# The astershow IT HAPPENEDIt is The first time Woods wins a grand slam in The final round and he needs 54-
Still shooting the hole head of two photos in the direction of the center of the Arab corner.
Everything was a mess in Augusta.
Molinari\'s serve on the par.
There was never a chance on the 12 th. for the sake of double bogey, I hit the bank and fell into the creek of Thunder.
Prior to that, Morinari never fell behind in a round that started three months ago to finish before the storm.
Then it looks like almost everyone has a chance.
At some point in the back, six players have some lead.
The last group is still on the 15 th Lane with a 5-
Cooperate in a leading way.
This is when Woods again seized control with a lot of help.
Molina\'s third shot hit a tree and rushed down in the water, ready to take another pair of bogey.
Woods hit the green and built a two.
For the first time in the final round he was ahead.
14 years later, Tiger Woods became the US Masters again.
Source: AFPThe knockout is a serve on the 16 th, riding a slope at the side of the Cup, 2 feet from the bird and the two
The shot leading two holes.
Xander Schauffele failed to watch birds-
On the 5 th and 15 th, for the rest of the time, rush to find pas for £ 68.
Dustin Johnson made three birds in a row later in the round, but he walked too late and had to settle for 68 and went back to No. 1 in the world.
Brooks copeka, one of the last four players in the last two groups, hit the water on number one
On the 12 th and 13 th, he rebounded with an eagle. on the 15 th, he almost missed another eagle and was the last player to have a chance.
On the 18 th, he looked unlikely from the bird putter 10 feet away, and he had to adapt to 70.
\"You want to play against the best player ever,\" Koepka said . \".
\"You want to go toeto-toe with them.
I can leave and say I gave everything I had.
He\'s fine, man.
Finished wood at 13
Less than 275 years old, 43 years old became the oldest Masters since Nicklaus won the sixth green jacket at the age of 46 in 1986.
This has been a defining moment for Augusta for years.
This is certainly a place to compete with at least it.
\"This is definitely, probably one of the greatest comeback I think anyone has ever seen,\" Koepka said . \" He said before showing off Woods\'s PGA Tour Championship and 15 grand slams.
This victory will go down in history as one of the great returns of sports.
Source: record recorded by AFPIs Nicklaus in play?
\"I think 18 is much closer than people think,\" Koepka said . \".
Koepka and Molinari both face Tigermania in Grand Slam and hold their own Molinari in Carnoustie to win the UK open, Koepka last summer
Molina Li went straight into 49 holes without bogey, a winning streak at the end of the seventh hole.
It was double bogey that made him pay the price, and the Italians were as elegant as ever in their failures.
\"I think I made some new fans today with those double bogey,\" he said . \".
Jason Day of Australia played a great final round and fell behind with two shots, but Adam Scott\'s 73 shot dropped him to six.
In the 18 th game under the Peace Bureau.
Johnson said it was hard to lose, but it was clear who the audience liked most.
\"I played very well in the last nine paragraphs.
\"I started very slowly, but I really didn\'t get any progress,\" Johnson said . \".
\"I kind of put it in the back nine, threw some balls, threw some putters and tried to chase them down, but I don\'t think it\'s good enough.
\"It\'s a good day, but it\'s not good enough.
It\'s interesting today, you can hear the roar, you can definitely tell my roar and the roar of the Tiger.
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Top 10 in the leaderboard :-13 —Tiger Woods (US)=2nd: -12 —
Shi lao phenanthrene (Xander schauffele)US)
Dustin Johnson (US)
Brooks copeka (US)=5th: -11 —Jason Day (AUS), Tony Finau (US)
, Francesco Molinari (ITA)Weber Simpson (US)=9th: -10 —Jon Rahm (ESP)
Patrick Cantley (US)
Ricky Fowler (US)
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