workout clothes: from the gym to the street, a relaxed style of dressing

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Allison Kyle Leopold.
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Sports clothes seem to be everywhere.
Sports shoes, sportswear, leggings and vests-
Equipment that should be worn in the gym-
Has become a standard part of the daily dress of practitioners and non-practitioners.
Now this comfortable, colorful, high
Fashion is spreading to the field of designer fashion.
Fall Series such as Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Norma carmari include clothes that have a clear connection to the sport.
For example, the curves of cashmere and suede from Donna Karan, the delicate wrap and tights, and the lean knit skirts and jumpers from Rebecca Moses, their shapes and fit
In August, Bonnie started her career as a leotards and bodysuit designer for Danskin, and now under her own label there is a series of bodysuit, wrap skirt and bottoming
Women wear them in the gym and in the office. Even L. L.
Bean has learned about this trend with its own fitness/fashion catalog\'\'The L. L.
Fitness guide.
\"People like the way they wear sportswear, so they incorporate the elements of these designs into their daily wardrobe,\" says Rebecca Moses . \".
Recently, for example, black leather boxing boots and wide Weight
There are seat belts in many wardrobes.
The slim racing lines of ski clothing are translated into sexy items that look good in a nightclub setting.
The version of the jersey and trousers is made of cashmere; basic cotton T-
The shirts of the day are sequins at night, and leotards are transformed into wide --
Shoulder suitMs.
The latest collection in August shows a number of collared shirts and shawl collars made of leotard materials.
\"It looks like a sportswear, but it\'s softer,\" said the designer.
Designer Adrienne vitadi
Ni is also working with what she calls the \"ballerina silhouette --
Small, high sleeve holes and open neck tops in cashmere or Angola and lamb-wool blends.
These are the clothes she likes to wear during her workout, as well as leggings and big tops, she said.
This spring, madam.
Vittadini will showcase cotton and Leica elastic clothing.
\"All these designs come from exercise,\" she said.
\"For men, the relationship between sports and street wear is often less clear and appears on weekend clothing, not office clothing.
Indigo-blue cotton T-
Gym shirt and artificial silk shirt on the street. Locker-
Spare color in the gym room Gray is now often on the street.
Classic tennis White, especially wool pants and V
Ralph Lauren\'s collar sweater vest on his Oxford shirt has a clear connection with sports.
Several top designers are also making sportswear.
For example, Lauren has the same neat and classic tights and tights as his sportswear.
Noma camaili\'s sexy swimsuit can also support a serious one-lap swim.
Before designing her sportswear collection, Bonnie visited the gym around the country in August to see what exactly people are wearing.
What she found was not uniforms, but clothes of various colors and fabrics, made into pieces, layered and straps.
\"Women are no longer willing to wear basic black leotard every day,\" she said . \"August.
They want to choose.
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\"Even if everyone is wearing a bodice,\" she said . \"
Camelli: \"They still want to have some personal style.
This is also what men and women do in office clothes.
\"Trying to\" dress up \"for exercise can be seen as a serious or frivolous sign, depending on the club, its image and its clients.
At a company gym, the unspoken rule is T-
The shirt should be printed with the name of the fitness event that has been attended.
Some clubs completely avoid fashion problems by providing uniforms to members.
When new wrinkles appear in the fitness outfit, it is likely that the first line of practitioners will wear it.
These people are often the best fit, and they are also the closest to the coach.
Lynne Letts leads a class at Radu\'s Sports studio in New York, where she says clients imitate the clothes she wears.
Now, this is a stretchy vest that stops above the waist with a tight calf
Long-sleeved pants or color printed leotards.
She also believes that when most people look good, they feel better about exercising.
\"If you exercise on something you like to wear,\" she said . \"
This may help you stick to it.
\"Many coaches say they can portray the changing physical confidence of their customers through subtle changes in their clothing.
Radu\'s chief coach, Sean Kelleher, said people tend to wear loose clothes that hide their bodies when they start their first exercise program.
As they become more comfortable and in a better shape in the gym, they change into better-fitting clothes, sleeveless tops and brighter colors.
Women can add a belt;
Men can wear black bike shorts instead of running shorts;
It is possible for both men and women to move from white sneakers to colored sneakers.
Since both women and men have bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles, they wear shirts that expose the upper, shoulder and back parts.
But even for those who like to keep the bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles as they are, the charm of these clothes lies in their fashion, versatility and comfort.
The word means the same inside and outside the gym.
Alison Kyle Leopold often writes on fashion and furniture.
Her new book is the glory of the Victorian era.
\"A version of this article appears on page 6006067 of the national edition of September 28, 1986, titled: fitness clothing: a relaxed stylish dress style from the gym to the street.
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