woloshyn: dining with the masters

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-11
A great tradition of international sports takes place next week and it will not appear in the arena, stadium or baseball stadium.
It will be held in the upstairs restaurant of Augusta National golf course;
Home of the Masters.
There is only one of four \"Grand Slams\" and the Masters are the only ones playing in the same place every year, with an exclusive dinner held every Tuesday night to honor the former Masters champion.
The men were members of the master Club, founded in 1952 by defending champion Ben Hogan, aiming to \"recall, swap jokes and relax \".
\"Only club members and several honorary members wearing champion green jackets are invited.
Golfer Nick Fardo, who described the night full of game legends, said \"you are in great awe of it.
\"But one of the most interesting aspects of dinner is the menu.
It usually reflects their country, origin, and even in the case of Tiger Woods, their age.
Woods won the first of four green jackets in 1997.
He was only 21 and was the youngest player to win the game under 18.
So far he has won four games.
For his first dinner, he chose a menu that included a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake.
\"This is what I eat,\" he said . \"
After graduation, he had steak with sushi and then Mexican food.
Before dinner, the golfer blurred Zoeller\'s suggestion to the media members, \"tell him (Tiger)
Fried chicken, kale or anything else is not served.
\"Of course, blur all the people who live in the family.
He also has his own vodka brand.
I guess it\'s a tiger. Just a guess.
The couple\'s grandparents immigrated from Italy, prompting him to offer spaghetti chicken.
Sandy Lyall of Scotland is wearing a short skirt, which is no doubt a match for his green jacket.
Not sure how many players signed this meal.
But they can always order from the regular menu.
Singh Vijah ordered a Thai themed dinner with Tom Kha; (
Thai chicken soup)
Chilean bass and chili, along with a row of lamb with hot yellow Carly sauce, he asked the chef to do it more gently than usual so that most people could eat without exploding.
On 2014, Australia\'s Adam Scott prepared a fascinating meal of grilled squid and Australian Wagyu New York steak and Morton Bay Bugs described as lobster-like
Although the champion pays for the meal, the world is your oyster when you pick up a check of more than $1 million to win last year\'s Masters . . . . . . Or the Bay worm.
The only Canadian to slip into the coveted green Max woman jacketso far is Mike will, and if the other champions don\'t know he\'s Canadian, they certainly know when they sit down and look at the menu.
Atlantic lobster in puff pastryC.
Sockeye salmon, Alberta filet steak, wild boars and fried chicken mushroom skewers, grilled red deer rack, fried chicken and fried pompan.
Wash the delicious food and Canadian beer. What a meal. What a night. —
Woloshyn hosts \"Saturday and Ted\" from 12: 00\"m. to 3 p. m.
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