wisconsin school district blasted by aclu for \'sexist\' dress code enforcement

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-16
A school district in Wisconsin may have relaxed by 2018-
After filing a complaint in the school community on 2019, ACLU said the government was implementing the new regulations in a \"gender-discriminatory\" manner. On Sept.
11. WUWM reports on the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Wisconsin schools are putting pressure on school board officials in the Kenosha United School District because an incident was reported at the Summer School in June.
According to media reports, a female student was criticized by the teacher for wearing a \"vest and shorts\" in the physical education class.
The New Jersey charter school rejected students for violating the stylish dress code, and for that reason, the Kenosha Joint School District School Board added vests, according to the BBC, after students and parents strongly opposed the discrimination against female students last year, yoga pants and leggings were included in the list of allowed clothing items.
According to their website, the school district consists of 24 primary schools, 5 secondary schools, 3 high schools and 5 selected schools, 6 charter schools and a specialized school.
Although the new dress code on the TMJ4 news must be \"in the middle\" at the bottom\"
Thigh length and always cover all private body parts \"and allow vest with\" strap [\"]that]
The width is at least 1 inch, \"The problem is clearly not over yet.
\"A female student was humiliated in front of her classmates and threatened to be sent home for two consecutive days because she was wearing a vest and shorts to attend the Summer physical education class, wisconsin lawyer Asma cadri Keeler told Wu about the situation.
After further investigation, cadri Keeler reported that she had found a lack of policies on stylish dress code implementation by Kenosha staff.
\"Our position is that this is mostly a matter of gender discrimination,\" Caldwell Keller further told Yahoo\'s lifestyle.
\"These events, involving various ACLU affiliates and ACLU national, have emerged across the country, surrounding girls and young women.
\"Looking ahead, ACLU issued a statement urging Kenosha school district to clarify enforcement measures for their new stylish dress policy and to protect students from physical humiliation and harassment in the face of violations.
ACLU delegates from Wisconsin and Kenosha United School District did not immediately respond to further comments from Fox News on the story.
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