winter wonderland tiered paper gown dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-21
Let\'s build a wonderful winter paper skirt.
This will be beautifully presented in holiday parties, photo shoots in editorial style, or wonderful window displays.
Whatever you want, be sure to add complexity and style.
This project only took 4-
I spent less than $10 in six hours.
I made this gorgeous display stylish dress with new and recycled paper items.
Below start the supplies you need with me. . . .
Designed for winter wonderland! !
White poster board
2 towels
1 napkin-
1 pack 150 coffee filter-
2 packs of 100 recycled wrapping paper rope-
1 bundle of hot glue gun hot glue Rod-
1 full bag of long sticks * although there are many supplies in the supply photo, I only used the above supply when I finished the garment.
I don\'t need the rest.
More products can be used to increase density and volume.
Draw a half circle with your waist 1/2. I used a 12.
Round half circle 5 inc.
Open the two boards and mirror the poster board side by side.
Open your napkin and let them hang the handkerchief style.
Continue, connect the bottom of your napkin by gluing it on the outer edge poster board.
Line around the board and associate with the center of the waist.
If possible, nail the stylish dress on the dressing steps or the mannequin to see where it is.
I fixed this piece with a standard dress-up pin.
Add more napkin layers to the brick pattern.
Fill in the tight 2 \"separate for the full layer skirt.
To reduce the spacing size more fully.
For less full skirts, increase the spacing to 4 \".
Fill in from bottom up.
Use the pen to make a hole on both sides of the edge of the front skirt.
Insert and fasten the paper rope.
Wrap the skirt around a dress or model and remove the pin.
Open the coffee filter and separate it. Cut in half.
Glue the 1/2 coffee filter vertically onto the paper towel and, if required, on the bottom of the skirt to increase the length.
Use the pieces in the skirt template cut as a bra shape.
Pin side by side, middle part overlapping.
Add handkerchief napkins and glue to the bralet.
Work from one side to the other.
Stick a piece of paper in the middle part to the bra part.
Cut 2 rectangles from recycled paper and apply glue on each side of the bra.
Add a folding coffee filter to add texture. Apply 2-
Brick spacing pattern 3 layers.
Add a recycled flash paper in the middle to get some glam and finished look.
Use a pen to punch holes in the top sling.
Insert the paper rope and bow tie to finish.
Punch a hole in the central corset bra with a pen.
3 vertical holes per side.
Insert the paper rope and bow tie to finish. Details in front.
Thank you for joining me today. Congrats! ! You did it! ! !
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