why are school uniforms and dress codes still around?

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-19
For many students in countless institutions around the world, school uniforms are the reality of everyday life.
Therefore, the dress code is implemented with due diligence, stipulating that what to wear and what not to wear is Jewish without specifying a particular item.
Uniforms and dress codes are certainly not new aspects of academic experience, but over the past year, the value of regulating children\'s and youth clothing choices has been greatly criticized.
Given all the controversy in the academic community about \"suitable\" clothing, is it really necessary or worthwhile for the school to continue to dictate --wise in 2016?
Some schools have set up longer skirts for female students, while others have even sent students home for allegedly having skirts --
Short skirts and trousers that are too close-fitting.
Some students then object to uniform provisions, whether through a petition that violates gender norms and presents changes affecting them, or in a red letter protest.
However, not all news about the role of fashion in academia is bad news.
Gradually adopted by some agencies
Uniform rules of neutrality
Schools in traditional conservative cultures are even getting rid of policies that strictly adhere to gender dualities to ensure that students of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are more comfortable in the classroom.
To put it a little bit, this is a very polarized topic.
We look around for a series of views on the joy and frustration of unification or dress code.
In the future, 15 people will be told what you can wear and what you can\'t wear to go to class, whether they have spent their years of growth in school in accordance with the uniform, and strive to comply with the vague stylish dress code ---
Or, in some cases, it is actually desirable that they have guidelines to dress each morning.
\"When I went to college, I wore a uniform that I wore from kindergarten ---
I like it very much.
I did see both sides of the argument.
In adolescence, teenagers have a lot of things to think about, and they have experienced a lot.
It\'s really nice to have an EQ.
\"I don\'t think I always have that view, but looking back, I think wearing a uniform is actually the driving force that I like to wear now. . .
When I went to college, I started to try my own style and understand the value of dressing to the body rather than dressing others. \" --
A school uniform can be a very different thing for different people, so the controversy is endless.
This is a good thing for me, for three reasons: as a socio-economic EQ, free from all the efforts and judgments that are usually spent on clothing, and a way to at least look at it on the surface, when I was painfully clear that I didn\'t do it, I got into it.
\"I worked in a private company for 12 years --
In women\'s schools, tuition is as expensive as most universities, and as far as I know, only three mothers in my class are employed.
It is rarely mentioned directly, but money (
More importantly, there is no real direct experience for too young girls
It is crucial to the culture of this place.
There are many ways to communicate wealth: Parents\' cars, gifts to show off on the day after their birthday, destinations for summer vacation ---
But the simplest and most ubiquitous thing is your clothes.
\"In order for you to have a taste, there is a notorious Lily Pulitzer auction every year on a main line --
There are a lot of discounted crocodiles
The printed dress will be available at 40% of the original price, which never leads to an amazing story of the block
Long queues, stepping on mom, dressing uproom thievery.
Money has played a huge role in school culture;
I can only imagine what an arms race would be like if we were allowed to wear what we were (or our parents)saw fit.
\"It\'s very difficult in middle school and high school to emotionally stop completely.
For me, for about five years, I was openly engaged in life and then out of life --
This is not only a threat to clinical depression, but it is also painful and exhausting and is almost impossible.
Being able to wake up every day and have muscle memories to handle wearing an ugly, starched short skirt has freed me from another source of decision-making fatigue.
\"This is also an opportunity to integrate with ordinary children.
For a young teenager who unfortunately combines rampant insecurities with debilitating depressive fatigue, it is a beauty to have a mandatory way to pretend that normal and direct attention leaves me
I feel like the human skin is stretched too tight on an oversized black hole, but when I walk into the lobby of Agnes Irwin School, at least on the surface, I\'m just anotherand-white-
The girl in the costume, with all others happily difficult to distinguish. \" --
\"I went to a small private school, a noble school.
Ed high school outside Boston.
We don\'t have uniforms, but we have strict stylish dress code.
Basically it has no jeans, no leggings, all the skirts and shorts, no jerseys, no text on any clothes, no openings --
Open toe shoes or flip
Flip-flops, guys can\'t have any jumpers, and certain colors are not allowed.
\"Over the years, I have found that the clothes we wear at school are much more expensive than what is prohibited.
Find corduroys or beautiful khaki cloth pants than from T. J. Maxx!
Sweaters are more expensive than jerseys;
Leather shoes are more expensive than other materials.
\"When a friend finds a pair of basic corduroys in the fall, we all ask where she got them.
Then, anyway, we will buy the same pair.
So basically, my close friends and I ended up wearing our own expensive uniform.
When I went to college, I didn\'t want to wear those clothes anymore.
I only have one pair of jeans because I never wear it to school so I have to go out and buy a new wardrobe.
\"I wish we could wear our uniform.
Strict dress code is a huge waste of money. \" --
Mariah Pongor \"I grew up-
The women\'s Catholic school in the Philippines has more than 85% Catholic students.
Some of the rules on our uniforms never make sense to me. -
For example, our white socks must always cover the bones of the ankle completely. For P. E.
We were asked to wear our knees.
Gray skorts length-not shorts! --
In the seventh grade, we can finally put on the black casual pants.
\"I remember sitting there despite the 90 degree weather in Manila, twisting in my itchy plaid skirt, which had to fall on my calf.
I remember I was ready in the morning, looking in the mirror and feeling embarrassed, invisible and ugly every day at school.
I think I\'ll grow up and think about it later, it\'s not that bad. . .
This is still not the case. \" --
Isabel Francisco: \"I wear school uniforms from kindergarten to high school and I like it very much.
I went to one, of course.
Girls Catholic high school so I have not experienced any gender discrimination related to co-op
Clothing standards.
But I still think that uniform is the best way to keep learning attention relative to status.
\"I will find it overwhelming to plan my outfits every day, and I will compare myself to richer girls.
I feel inferior if I don\'t have a cool new Frankie B.
Jeans, Burch flats or juicy bags.
This is important for 15 people. year-
Unfortunately, old girl.
\"Being able to wake up at the last minute and throw the same thing the day before, skipping hair and makeup is the best.
Of course, when I go out on weekends or pack my bags to college, I have about 10 non-
Uniform clothing to choose from.
\"I want a uniform today ---
I will wear jeans and T-shirts.
Shirt, can talk every day if you can. \" --
\"I wear uniform all the time.
My uniform from complex (
Tights, pleated skirts, buttons
Down jacket, tie, sweater, suit coat, shoes designated, even hat)
Very simple (
Polo shirt, khaki cloth pants, any closed option-toe shoes).
However, no matter how complicated or loose my uniform regulations are, I always like to wear uniforms;
They just simplified my life.
It should be noted that I am cis-
Gender woman, it makes it easier for me to have certain regulations, like wearing a skirt.
\"The school uniform gives me the ability to not care at all about my speech at school;
I never wanted to wear anything too early.
I can wake up and roll off the bed and throw it in
Specify clothing.
I like simplicity and I wish I had a uniform.
When I was young, I was more selfconscious;
I never need to care if I am as fashionable as my classmates.
\"While my experience is great, I do feel that many of the motivations behind the uniform are very problematic.
Many times, schools
penalties for young women and girls
In violation of the code, or in uniform because of outdated notions of gender discrimination, it is believed that female students will distract male students.
This is disgusting and it sends a message that women are sex objects and men are idiots who cannot control sexual desire.
Very offensive to everyone.
\"Uniform is best when gender --neutral.
My high school uniform is polo shirt and khaki cloth pants for everyone.
Simple, comfortable, gender-
Neutral, while also allowing individual expression.
The school allows you to wear any closed clothes.
You can wear jewelry and hair dye in comfortable toe shoes.
This is a huge intersection of unity and personal expression. \" --
\"I grew up in New York and went to public schools and never had a chance to wear school uniforms.
My cousins went to Catholic school and I was always present when their new school uniform arrived at the end of the summer.
Printed shirt, pleated skirt, knee-
The socks caught my interest. My public-
My friends at school and I sometimes have an interest in the concept of school uniforms.
Discuss the comfort and femininity of pre-planned clothing.
\"Now, as an educator, I will never consider making such a request to my students.
I teach preschool classes and I realize how important it is for children to be able to express themselves even when they are so young and young.
It is very important to establish autonomy in children\'s lives;
Letting them express themselves through fashion is a way for children to build their sense of self and style. \"--
Alexandra Mihailov \"there are many reasons why the criticism of uniforms today does not like them.
Some people think uniform is out of date. -
The remains of a more conservative past that we can\'t seem to eliminate.
Or, uniform is a direct example of the church and/or state-regulated crime of young body or clothing that continues to hinder creativity and selfexpression.
These observations are not far from the facts.
\"However, after going to school in uniform every day, I can think of at least two strong reasons to keep them for the time being.
\"First, practicality.
You wake up in the morning and you know what you\'re going to wear that day. (
There\'s the next one. And the next. . . )
Yes, monotony can be devastating.
But think about the time and mental energy you save by not emphasizing what to wear today.
You will automatically focus on more important things, such as schools.
Second, egalitarianism-
Or the illusion.
Our consumerism culture is increasingly invading the classroom, filling the minds of young children with status symbols they absolutely must have, and showing them to all peers for appreciation. In a media-
Driven, materialistic environment, uniform is perhaps a terrain that the latest Yeezys have been denied.
\"School uniforms ensure that students are satisfied in an equal competitive environment regardless of family income or class.
In this world, the gap between the past and the present
Nots are expanding dramatically and it may be necessary to have a space, however superficial, to encourage students to amplify what is really important: their own academic commitment. \" --L.
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