what to wear: summer style tips, straight from the source

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-14
Imagine: you have just discovered the summer picnic your company will have the next day.
You open your closet and see a bunch of summer clothes, but don\'t know what\'s right for the event.
Instead of calling you poor fashion
Friends who go astray, why not talk to experts?
Sounds impossible? Hardly.
Charm magazine offers an opportunity to ask your fashion questions to real experts on the new website whattowear. com.
Ask the mind to post their fashion questions online and get real
Time answers from some of America\'s top stylists.
The celebrities and magazine trendsetters gave answers and attached pictures of their suggestions.
The stylists working with the site include Nicole Chavez, who created search for Scarlett Johnson and Miley Cyrus;
Stylist for stars such as Andre Austin, Kanye West and Jessica Simpson;
Tammy Eckensweller is a stylist for Rihanna and Lindsay Rohan.
\"This is an exciting partnership,\" said editor Cindi Leive . \"in-
Charm director said in a statement announcing the launch of the website.
\"No one knows more about the intersection of fashion and technology than they like.
When it comes to fashion, no one will give the real
Life is better than charm.
\"So what kind of questions do people ask?
What did the website\'s hair stylist tell them?
Here are some of the issues that live people have posted on WhattoWear.
Here are some answers.
Charm\'s Tracey Lomrantz offers extra tips on how to look stylish this summer.
Question: I really wanted a dress for Wang Weiwei for my wedding, but I don\'t have a budget.
Is there a similar aesthetic but more affordable wedding dress collection?
Nick Steele\'s answer: Well, it depends on when your wedding is ---
You may be lucky.
In order to attract more new customers, Wang Weiwei will soon design a wedding dress for David\'s bride.
The collection is set to tohit U. S.
Early next year, stores will include clothing and accessories for less than $1,500.
Less than $1,000: My favorite is the limited White House/Black Market wedding dress.
You might also want to have a look at the J Crew bridalline, which is absolutely lovely.
You can also look at discounted wedding dresses in online stores such as bridepower.
Com, bridecoture. com or angeri. com.
There are even some people who rent wedding dresses, such as onentataffair.
Com and Alexander. com.
More wedding fashion tips for Tracey Lomrantz: Who says you have to buy a wedding dress?
In a department store like Macys or Bloomingdales, look directly for gorgeous white dresses from the shelves.
Especially during the summer months, there are a lot of great options not called \"bride\", but it is perfect for this occasion.
If what you really want is the old dress of Vera Wang, you should try ebay too.
For previous wearers, this is a great way to make a few bucks, and for you to get a big discount on your dream outfit.
Question: What should be in every young woman\'s closet?
A: Sandy Reitman: OK, there are a few essential items that every woman should be prepared for: thin jeansBoyfriend blazerTightsJean somssummer dressesBrown bootsBlack high heelbench coatBallet flatsTank T shirt
ShirtsMore Lomrantz, wardrobe staple in Tracy: White blousclassic ditch coatDark wash, Slim
Decoration jeantro-
Custom work pants in black or white cashmere crew neck in neutral nude color pumpumpslittle black dress up steps, can be worn or what clothes to wear to travel. Question: What do you wear to the airport?
Answer: Susan Joy: We may not be living in the golden age of travel, but that doesn\'t mean we have to wear as lazy as we are.
You look fashionable and comfortable.
Try the black T.
Shirt dress with trench coat or suit Max woman jacketand ballet flat shoes.
Looks like LBD (
Small black dress)
But no comfort is lost.
Bring a cashmere scarf that can be used as a blanket and it\'s a good idea to carry a pair of leggings with you-on.
When I travel between the hemisphere, I sleep with bare legs at the airport in the summer, put on leggings and socks on the plane, and then change into tights when the cold weather lands.
With trbench trench, cashmere scarf and tights, the T-shirt dress still works unless it is below freezing point. Bon Voyage!
More travel style tips for Tracey Lomrantz: I agree it\'s not the time to look like a lazy guy.
Leggings are a great way to stay comfortable but still look stylish.
Wear a dress that is easy to wear
Easy to take off your shoes, like a ballet apartment, oversized buttons-
Down jacket, jacket and a denim jacket.
Cute accessories like a soft cap or a light summer scarf will make you feel funky in an instant.
If you are following this simple rule after upgrading to first class: white jeans, black cashmere sweater, oversized sunglasses.
You look expensive.
Together, but still comfortable enough in the long run!
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