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by:Max Apparel     2020-06-06
Who said you have to wear a white wedding dress, a black wedding dress, a red wedding dress, a blue wedding dress?
Nowadays, many brides choose to wear color wedding dresses.
In the Middle Ages, blue was considered pure color, which is not a new idea. (
The tradition of wearing blue clothes starts here).
In China, the tradition is to wear a red wedding dress.
In the past, brides from wealthy families often wore rich colors and fabrics to show off their family wealth.
In the 1800 s, a black wedding dress was very popular in Finland!
Fashion did not begin until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress --
In honor of the Queen, many brides choose to wear white.
Before that, it was common to buy color wedding dresses. . . .
Therefore, the tradition of white weddings is not as old as you think.
The white wedding dress is often considered a symbol of purity, but its original intention is to extend the white wedding dress worn during baptism and confirmation.
Nowadays, white dresses are considered the most traditional and popular choice for weddings.
You can wear a black wedding dress or a colored wedding dress and look as beautiful as a traditional white wedding dress, especially if white or ivory is not your color.
There are no rules right now, so you can choose the wedding dress you feel and look the best.
If you are blonde, you can wear a blue wedding dress of almost any color.
The light pink color is suitable for the bride with blonde hair.
If you choose green, choose aquamarine tones.
Are you red hair?
You can choose a stronger shade of purple.
The light pink red hair looks great.
The darker shades will suit you.
Emerald green is the perfect color for red hair. Brunette?
You can wear most of the blue clothes.
Dark red, purple red or magenta, suitable for women with dark colors.
Set in dark and gold aquamarine tones.
Peach color is a good choice for dark brides.
Lavender or dark purple clothes almost everyone looks good.
Yellow is a hard color for the bride because many people can\'t wear it.
If you want yellow, look for very light gold or dark gold.
In the same way, Orange will make you look yellow.
The richer bronze softened with cream decoration is a good choice.
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