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by:Max Apparel     2020-06-05
In the United States, many brides consider a white wedding dress to be \"traditional\", but a white wedding dress is actually a recent custom.
When Queen Victoria got married in 1840, she chose a white wedding dress and immediately started a fashion.
Although most jobs
Class brides continue to get married in the best clothes, no matter the colorto-
Brides in Britain and the United States followed the Queen and married in white.
As other brides followed suit, white was thought to be a symbol of purity, and white wedding dresses became necessary in just one century.
But as the times change, more and more brides begin to follow the example of Victoria and show their true colors.
Some brides light up traditional white dresses with cleverly placed colored accents.
These can catch the bride\'s eye, match the color accent in the groom\'s costume, or just add a fun color splash.
Modern brides are looking for something bolder, making champagne and gold wedding dresses more and more popular.
Any color is elegant enough for a formal wedding, and the bride looks like a sister in white.
Adding a little color to your wedding dress will not only add flexibility to your choice --
It can also be a beautiful way to honor your heritage.
Traditional African bride dresses come in a variety of colors.
Some colors and patterns are used to commemorate the area where the bride and groom come from, or some have personal or family significance for the bride and groom.
A modern couple choose traditional brightly colored cloth to enhance the standard Western wedding dress, which the couple can become an amazing pair.
Indian sari is famous for its gorgeous colors.
Wedding Sally can be in red and white depending on the area, or in green, white and yellow.
There will be a beautiful accent in the golden thread.
Saris is very easy to adapt-
Whether you choose to wear traditional saris or blend Indian and Western traditions, you will look beautiful.
Korean brides wear green covers on their wedding dresses.
Cover can be embroidered with flowers-
A great way to set off the color in your bouquet.
By contrast, Irish brides rarely wear green clothes at weddings, as usually lucky colors are considered bad luck at weddings.
However, the blue dress is considered a very good form for a traditional Irish wedding.
In the past, blue clothes were popular in all the British Islands --
It is widely believed that this color can guarantee a long marriage and a loyal husband.
Israeli brides usually wear blue or blue clothes for different reasons: this color symbolizes the bride\'s spiritual strength.
If you like red, you\'re lucky.
For brides, it is considered good luck to wear pleasant colors in traditional areas of China, Russia and many other countries.
Wedding dresses in Japan are usually red and, as mentioned above, many Indian brides wear this color as well.
There is even a reason to think that the red dress is also a tradition in the United States --
Some brides wore it during the Revolutionary War to express their desire for independence. . . .
Of course, for more than a decade, the gothic bride has been decorating herself in red.
If you and your groom taste the lush, thoughtfully elegant flavor, the Gothic wedding can satisfy your desire to wear a traditional Western silhouette while opening the possibility of a dark purple, gray, or a black wedding dress.
Or maybe you don\'t need to follow any tradition at all.
As more and more modern couples plan and pay for their wedding, guests are used to seeing very private weddings that broke ground.
Simply choose the clothes that make your heart sing, regardless of the color, is a great way to put your personal stamp on your wedding and know the best you look.
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