wedding dress preservation - what about my slip?

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-02
Brides know that keeping their wedding dress is a great souvenir.
Problems with cleaning and preserving petticoats often arise --slip -crinoline.
If this note is an ordinary a-
Then, in most wedding dress preservation companies, it is usually free to include it on the wedding dress.
When determining how to deal with a petticoat with a multi-layer petticoat, this becomes a more difficult problem.
Crinolin is a \"stiff\" fabric that can stretch out the petticoat to make the skirt plump.
Depending on how full the petticoat is designed, depending on how many layers of petticoat are on the petticoat.
First of all, this note is too large to be included in the wedding dress box.
Some preservation companies will clean and save the crinoline slip separately for a separate fee.
Cleaning up your crinoline slip removes some stiffness from the material.
The best advice is to simply store your petticoat.
They rarely get dirty.
If it does get dirty, it can be cleaned with a normal washing machine and then dried under low heat.
Store it in a card box sealed with tape.
If you are worried about it, wrap it with acid-free paper towels before putting it in the box.
Do not store your note in any type of plastic bag or plastic container.
In this method, long-term storage is the best, there is no need to send it with your wedding dress save, just increase your expenses.
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