wedding dress at a garage sale?

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-23
On my way home from the store tonight, I drove past a garage auction near my house.
The wedding dress sold is not one, but two.
On the mannequin in the front yard, there is a big \"for sale \"! Wedding dress! \" sign.
Will you sell your wedding stylish dress at a garage auction?
On the other hand, will you buy a wedding dress at a garage auction?
I\'m interested, and if I don\'t bring two kids and a car full of groceries, I\'ll stop and see what other gems I can find in this sale.
AmyMom to Bud. Man, Wild. Woman & Crazy.
There are a lot of dresses and engagement rings for sale on Craigslist.
I don\'t know why someone wouldn\'t buy a dress at a garage auction if they liked it enough.
Unless you believe there\'s a voodoo on it?
The hand that shakes the cradle is the hand that rules the world No, I just find it strange, that\'s all.
It\'s not where you want to go to the wedding stylish dress.
AmyMom to Bud. Man, Wild. Woman & Crazy.
Haley will buy one so I can be a zombie bride on Halloween! !
That\'s great.
I don\'t think I can wear a wedding stylish dress worn by others.
I don\'t think I can sell it.
I can imagine it would be someone\'s scrap. :(
It will make me sad!
They saw me. They hatin.
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