we are what we wear: exhibition examines clothing that changed the world

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-16
From baseball caps to Sari, to small black dresses, the clothes we wear are integrated into social history.
New exhibition at New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Explore that history
Is Fashion Modern?
\"Look at Some costumes that change the world --
But the show pays less attention to fashion, more to design, history and why things continue.
Consider flipping, for example
Flip flops, that is, flip flops.
\"The thong is very important,\" said Paola Santelli, director of MoMA . \".
This is an unremarkable masterpiece.
That\'s why it exists in all cultures.
\"A red hoodie made by the 1980 s champion is also on display.
Antonelli said the hoodie was initially functional: after training, a sweaty athlete might wear it to keep warm.
But it has become politics in recent years.
\"When Trevon Martin was wearing it in Florida a few years ago --
He walks to buy candy at night-
\"George Zimmerman thinks he\'s suspicious because he\'s wearing a hoodie,\" she said . \".
So this disconnect and misconception turned the hoodie into a tragic symbol and a political symbol.
\"A religious symbol is embodied in the horse\'s headscarf --
Some Muslim women wear headscarves and necks in order to remain humble.
This is controversial and mouth-watering.
A few years ago, a Muslim designer in Australia put a hood and a long length on leggings. sleeved top.
The result was a burkini swimsuit designed for the observant Muslim women.
Melalala Hadid helped raise the profile of the lawsuit.
She\'s an observant Muslim girl. who]
\"I want to be a lifeguard,\" Antonelli explained . \".
\"So with these beautiful pictures, this woman and the other lifeguards [have] burkini of the same colorbathing suits].
\"She can stay modest and watch the surf at the same time.
The museum puts burkini next to a bikini.
Two small-
Something from France.
Popular with some beach tourists, it debuted in 1946;
Others are shameful, and some know they will never try.
\"The bikini is so exposed that a suitable woman can\'t wear it,\" Antonelli said . \".
In fact, it is so thin and thin that it was impossible for a designer to have a professional model present it at first.
So he hired a stripper from the Paris casino.
Antonelli said that there is a common phenomenon whether a culture likes to cover up or expose: \"women\'s bodies are always a battlefield.
\"Work clothes have not caused much controversy, but they have also changed with the changes of the times. A well-
501 jeans tell a story that began in 1853 when Levi Strauss & Co.
Start making blue jeans
MoMA fashion historian Stephanie Kramer says denim fabric has been around for years, but during the gold rush, Levi Strauss sewed it into a necessity for workers.
She said: \"They put the rivets at different pressure points in the jeans, including pockets, crotch and similar areas.
These rivets make the pants more durable.
They last longer and become classic.
Today, pragmatism has become a fashion. Designer-
Like acid, jeans with holes sold a lot of money
Washed stonewashed jeans.
\"I think it tells you that jeans are the ultimate modern costume,\" Kramer said . \".
\"They are both eternal and eternal.
\"For the finale of the show, the museum chose the most common costume;
What you will find in the drawers of most people, men or women.
\"It makes sense to end with a white T-
Said Antonelli.
First of all, it\'s a power supply.
\"In the imagination of some people, the three men still represent power --
Set or twopiece suit —
\"It\'s still very masculine,\" explains Antonelli . \".
\"But in fact, the one wearing three today
Probably the suit worn by the bodyguard;
People who really have power wear T-shirt. \"The white T-
The shirt also brings together a variety of views that the show is trying to put forward: \"timeless ideas, universal ideas, ideas for good design --
Old school design, form and function-
Ecology, fast fashion, how do we deal with things, \"said Antonelli.
\"So everything is made of white T-crystals. shirt.
\"On a video monitor installed near these iconic clues, a young woman wearing a white T-shirt.
She began to take it off, and there was another white T-shirt;
Underneath that, the other and the other.
The information is clear: this T-
The shirt was worn constantly.
It will never end. It\'s eternal.
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