Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-30
Wedding dresses are no exception with the 1960 and 1970 styles re-popular.
Let\'s take a look at the changing wedding trends of the century and the factors that inspire them.
These 1900 wedding dresses are Edward style.
This style reflects an elegant pattern with a long train and a ground on the back
Touch the veil and move on.
The outline is a prom dress or-
Princess dress.
In both profiles, the pattern below the waist circumference is a complete skirt.
The only difference is that the dress for the prom dress is more shiny and smoother than the princess dress.
When the bride walks through the aisle, the train is usually taken by one or two bridesmaids.
The Bride of the 1900 s, her veil touched the ground, and the train was long.
After 1910, the outline becomes smoother (not the body-
Fit) and a higher waist.
These outlines are called Empire.
The wedding dress was designed by the bride in 1910.
In her 1920 s, fashionable wedding dress.
These clothes are loose, and some of them are knees. length.
At 1930 s, they got slim with a collar and loose-
Fit, pay more attention to length.
Women wear beautiful hats instead of tiaras and veils.
The 1940 fashion trend has undergone some major changes.
During the war, all aspects of life were affected and weddings were affected.
Because the soldiers were going to fight, the whole marriage was quick and simple.
The bridal gown is sober and does not have any gorgeous display.
Simple and simple wedding dress.
With the end of the war, the wedding of the 1950 s was celebrated with more enthusiasm.
The clothes are more beautiful, but they are still very common.
Most of the clothes have long sleeves and high neckline, while those without shoulder straps have short jackets called bolero jacks to complement the look.
Women became a little open in the 1960 s
So this is reflected in their preference for clothing.
This leads to shorter wedding dresses above the knee --
The length of some dresses allows the bride to show her shoulders.
However, no matter the style of the dress, the hats and gloves are fashionable and cannot be missed.
Wedding dress with 1960 s gloves.
Design and pattern through roller during 1970 s-
Take a roller coaster with smooth patterns, Victorian tie and Camelot sleeves.
In the 1970 s, the popular Victorian neckline was the waist, balloon sleeves and folds.
The 70-year-old disco craze has also affected wedding dresses to some extent. Bat-
Wing sleeves and long-distance trains are also a famous trend.
In the 1980 s, Princess Diana\'s marriage to Prince Charles once again brought about an elegant factor that has disappeared in dress patterns over the past few decades. Square and V-
A collar dress appeared during this time, with sequins and beads embroidered on it. V-
Wedding dress.
With some subtle changes, the Post-80 s fashion is extended to Post-90 s.
The waist is high, above the hips or hips.
The usual fluffy sleeves and bows of those times finally disappeared.
Now, people plan the wedding according to different themes, the wedding dress is customized
Design by theme.
The latest wedding fashion combines many retro designs to produce newer and modern versions.
Retro trends are always the inspiration for the modern world.
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