vintage charm in verdant setting

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-17
The nearly 70-year-
The old Eden, a beautiful cottage, has apparently seen a better day.
Even with little concern, the Garden of Eden has undeniable charm.
The cottage is covered by flowering vines that seem to support the roof of the house, surrounded by trees, plantings and shrubs.
With ferns, flowering shrubs, and a variety of plants occupying every point of the over-growing garden, Eden is a picture of a green plant that will delight the hearts of every environmental activist.
A huge, leafy mango tree, a margova tree, used to protect the house from the noise and dust of the busy road outside, and had to beA single-
Eden is located on Ootukuzhi Road, built by JE Fernandez, who served twice as mayor in his thirties.
Now resident George Fernandez, a popular art coach in the city, is very proud to say that the whole building was planned by his father.
\"He bought a 20-
The plot in his forties was then designed.
\"His beauty is very good, he even designed most of the furniture you see in the house,\" said George . \". The L-shaped, sun-
The bright balcony leading to the spacious living room is filled with his students, men and women, learning and practicing a variety of arts and crafts.
The house is built with clay and lime plaster, and it is naturally cool even in hot and sultry weather.
\"We don\'t use fans even at the peak of summer.
High ceilings in all bedrooms do not require fans.
There is an attic, but we have to use a ladder to get into it.
\"There are no steps,\" he said with a smile . \".
Pointing to the fine rosewood furniture, he guessed that the furniture was certainly designed by his father.
At present, the living room is filled with paintings, framed crafts, mural art and so on. . . .
It was all done by George, who was the second of three brothers and sisters and now lives in the house.
You can see some retro dark brown portraits and an old frame photo of Black Madonna everywhere.
\"Some of my ancestors came to the city from Coorg, some from Tuticorin.
We also have relatives in Kollam, \"he added.
The Gem of the antique clock caught the eye, though it stopped ticking.
But he has a story about the clock, which comes from his father\'s ancestral home, which used to be almost opposite the building of the Reserve Bank of India.
\"It was a traditional building where my father grew up.
It\'s his youngest brother.
It was sold later and the house was demolished.
Now, the clock reminds us of the house, \"he pondered as he walked into a bedroom leading to the living room.
The two bedrooms on both sides of the living room were once occupied by his parents.
One of the rooms had a smaller room with a door to the balcony which was his father\'s bedroom and office.
After the death of senior Fernandez, George and his mother, presina, began using two rooms with an attached bathroom.
Looking at the condition of the room, George said that the mother who died eight months ago was the one who used to keep the room clean and span.
Narrow and low beds and sturdy cabinets from different times are still the pride of the bedroom.
There\'s an iron four in one of the bedrooms.
There is a poster bed on the bed and minimalist work on the bed.
From the living room, a step into a smaller room with an old none
There is a smaller room on one side, which is also filled with old furniture, including an old cradle.
A biography of heir was placed on top of a long cabinet.
\"This was given to my father by a relative of mine.
The statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were carved in wood, and they look fresh even now.
We don\'t have such beautiful things now.
The color is too fancy! ” he says.
George walked into a long restaurant next to the dressing room, recalling that until his father decided to install the right windows around a portion of the restaurant, with wooden jali on both sides, make it a sunny, airy room.
\"The Old Well you see outside has water, and I think a long time ago it was possible to get water from the well even if you were in the restaurant.
The well has never been dry.
In fact, I do not have a water supply link for the Kerala Water Authority.
The water from the two wells in my yard was enough for all our needs.
I don\'t even bother to boil water.
\"It\'s good,\" he explained . \".
There are three kitchens and an old shop behind the restaurant, George said, even now, they are using firewood stoves because they get a lot of firewood from the ground.
The rooms, once used as barns and places where coconuts were stored, are almost in ruins.
\"At that time, we had rice fields and coconut forests near Thonakkal.
So, we used to store all the produce there . \"
He admitted that it was difficult to maintain such a house, saying that even simple repairs required skilled carpenters and bricklayers.
\"But one has to admit that it has become rare to have such a green space in the city,\" he added . \". (
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