us mayor apologies after muslim children kicked out of swimming pool over religious dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-11
Members of an American city summer camp in Arabia apologized after being kicked out of the public pool in conservative clothing.
TahsiynA ismaa \'eel brought campers from her Arab summer enrichment program to the local pool in Wilmington, Delaware last week, something she has been doing for years.
Some students swear to wear cotton shirts, shorts and headscarves based on their religious beliefs-Ms. Isma\'eel told local news outletshad that problems had never been caused before.
But this time, she said, a pool employee asked the group to leave on the grounds of a ban on wearing cotton in the pool.
Ismaa \'eel MS told Delaware Online that \"there is no post saying you can\'t swim in cotton . \".
\"At the same time, there are other children wearing cotton. . .
I asked, \"Why are my children treated differently ? \"?
\"Ms. Ismaa \'eel said that a city police officer later found her and pressed the organization to leave, saying that someone was waiting outside to get in.
The office of Wilmington mayor Mike pujsky initially stood on the side of the pool staff, citing a city rule that required all swimmers to wear a \"suitable swimsuit \".
There is no clear ban on cotton.
The incident sparked strong protests from Muslim groups and local activists who claimed that the children were discriminated against and felt unwelcome because of their religious beliefs.
Others point out that under the law, Americans are entitled to reasonable religious accommodation when using public facilities.
Mr. Purzycki finally withdrew his statement and apologized to the children, saying that his office \"messed up the situation \".
Mr. Purzycki said in a statement: \"We should be responsible for the difference between what happened and how poorly we assessed the incident.
\"I apologize to the children who were instructed to leave the city swimming pool for religious reasons --
The clothes they need to wear.
He added: \"We also mentioned it vaguely.
It is also wrong to evaluate our bad judgment and then defend it.
Council of the United States
Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Thanks to the mayor for his apology and praised his attempt to meet with the camp director and the children in person.
Zainab Chaudry, a CAIR spokesperson, said in a statement: \"We also welcome his commitment to ensure that no swimmer in his city will be banned from public swimming pools because of his faith.
However, at least one person was not satisfied with the apology.
\"I said why do you apologize?
According to Delaware Online, Glenda Pinkett, a seasonal employee of the pool, asked. \". . .
No one is discriminated against.
Like me and all our customers, we asked them not to wear cotton.
Ms. Ismaa \'eel said that many of her students were very low-key.
No income, no special swimming equipment.
However, she added that since the student\'s story was published, she has received several offers to pay for their swimwear.
It is difficult to accurately identify how often American Muslims are discriminated against by dressing.
CAIR found in a recent report that bias increased by 17
From 2016 to 2017, American Muslims were motivated, during which the number of hate crimes increased.
A number of studies have found that Muslim women wearing headscarves bear the brunt of this harassment. A Denver-
A local woman told the local outletsshe that she was denied a swim in 2014 for wearing trousers and shirts.
The city claims that banning \"inappropriate\" swimsuits is a safety measure.
NaveedBaqir, executive director of Delaware\'s Board of Global and Muslim affairs, said his family had abandoned the public swimming pool a long time ago.
\"For my own children, I would rather pay and be treated like everyone else, than put myself in a situation of anxiety,\" he said . \".
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