Undercover investigation finds Debenhams ‘faux fur’ items contain real fur

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-18
A secret survey shows that major UK retailers sell real fur in products selling so-called fur --free.
A survey conducted by Good Morning UK found that fur decorations and pom poms marked with \"100 polyester faux fur\" actually contain fur from pull rabbit and raccoon.
Three major retailers in the UK are selling genuine fur products
Including Debenham.
Although the two stores have publicly declared their products to be fur productsfree.
The £ 40 bag from Debenhams retail was also labeled as \"Free Fur\", despite the rabbit fur inside.
What is confusing is that the same bag of different colors uses synthetic fur.
Since then, the bags have been removed from the shelves, and Debenhams says it will investigate an issue with the supply chain.
Find that Forever 21 is also selling real fur.
In a London store, a Christmas bag with a white pom is only available for £ 11. 20.
Later tests showed that the pom contains the rabbit-
The store was publicly banned in 2014.
It is terrible cruelty to kill angora rabbits because when they are still alive, the fur is picked from their skin.
Forever 21 did not comment, but Debenhams\'s statement wrote: \"We do not have a fur policy.
\"When it is found that external brands include real fur products on the accessory products, we take immediate action to remove the products from the workshop and our website.
\"We are working with the brand to investigate how this project has entered the brand supply chain.
London independence store Westside sells afur decorative jackets for £ 49.
The clerk claimed that the real fur was not included.
But a later test by GMB showed it was a raccoon.
In a statement to GMB, Westside said that the customer should be told that it was real fur, but the clerk was wrong.
A spokesman for the International Humane Association of animal rights organizations said: \"Consumers mistakenly use cheap price labels to ensure that fur is fake.
\"But the grim reality of the fur trade is that for animals like fur farms in China and elsewhere, life is really too cheap, and usually, real fur costs less than artificial fur production.
The spokesman continued: \"A large number of fur decorations are imported from China to the UK, and HSI\'s investigation of fur farms shows that animals live a miserable life and suffer death.
\"Because the labels are so poor, it is likely that a lot of people wearing these clothes have no idea at all how weird the pain their fur represents.
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