tried & tested: dressed to chill: cover-ups are the latest way to keep your bottles cold during a picnic. our panel tries six wine coolers

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-27
Air pollution, ultraviolet rays, and high amounts of pollen may make some people afraid to go out in the sweltering weather.
But if you\'re not intimidated, it\'s time to put your mind on the tricky question of how to keep the wine cool.
We have tested some of the equipment by insulating the bottle, both in the package and in the container.
The more efficient way is to add some sort of frozen element, and you have to remember to put it in the ice room a few hours in advance.
These can isolate the bottles more thoroughly.
If you keep the wine cabinet at home by mistake, there\'s always a more traditional way --
Tie a rope around the neck of the bottle and drag it in a cool stream.
This effect is very good. and it\'s cheap.
Catherine McWater, independent wine writer on Sunday: Casper Bowles, wine merchant;
Louise Valery in frontof-
House manager, grand hotel Chewton, New Hampshire.
Consumer Affairs reporter Jane Oakfield
The test panel timed the time when wine kept cool in each device and gave a star rating for ease of use, portability, look style and cost performance. ***VACU-
VIN fast ice poison 6.
99 This product, tin paper-
The coated sleeves launched last year are already very popular.
This is of course our group\'s favorite.
Fast ice can cool the bottle or keep it cold, and the group finds it working well for up to two hours.
However, you have to remember to put it in the fridge six hours before you want to use it.
Catherine McWater loved it: \"light and soft, easy to put into the fridge, easy to carry for a picnic.
It cooled the warm wine well and kept the low temperature of the wine well.
In fact, our champagne was very cold at first.
\"Very quick and convenient, as claimed, to cool the bottle in five minutes,\" Casper Bowles agreed . \".
Both of them felt it was tight to squeeze it on a bottle of champagne.
Value for money, though.
Keep the bottle cool with 11.
95. most of the group members did not wear a black dinner Max woman jacketand a bow
The \"tie\" design for the cover of this fabric slipped off the bottle.
Despite the internal insulation, it is one of the least effective materials and can only keep the bottle cool for an hour at most.
Only Louise Valery likes its look and describes it as \"very stylish \"--
But she admitted that it was completely useless and expensive as a wine cabinet.
Caspar Bowes is particularly critical: \"Even if you look at this one, it\'s a very terrible experience.
Three flying ducks should be free.
If you are a fan of kitsch, you will love Charlie
Another version of this product, wear Highlander.
* FLECTALON ice roll 7.
99A simple device: an insulating material that you wrap the bottle with, with a pocket inside, you put a pre-Frozen gel pack
The panel found that it kept the wine at an acceptable level of cold for about an hour and a half
Therefore, it may not last for a long picnic in the hot summer. \'The ice-
Louise Vallee noted that there are many other uses for the pack
Headache, first aid, etc.
If you drink the whole bottle and feel worse dressed, you can make good use of it.
Jane Oakfield said: \"It\'s similar to the Wuku --
But stripes like pajamas.
* Bottle packaging of FLECTALON 4.
99 looks similar to the Flectalon ice pack, but there is no gel.
Without any frozen elements, it doesn\'t keep the wine cool for a long time at all
An hour at most.
\"It\'s better than nothing, but it\'s just insulation,\" says Catherine McWater . \"
Louise Valery thinks bottle packaging is easier to handle than some larger equipment, but Jane Oakfield warns: \"put the bottle on the neck or on the base.
When I grabbed the package, I found the bottle to slide amazingly and sprinkle the wine on the floor. \'***DECOR TWO-
Our group considered this to be the nobility of the wine cooler, suitable for Henry, Ascot, and Greenburn.
But in fact, it\'s more down. to-
Earth Australia, BYO-
Bring your own drinks-
Is part of the way of life.
BYO is a well-designed plastic container that has two bottles and a curved frozen bottle between the two bottles.
It cooled the bottle for more than four hours.
Louise Valery booked some rooms: \"It was rather bulky to handle, but the back of the car was good.
It\'s also very heavy, so you don\'t want to carry it far.
Casper Bowles loves it: \"This is a bench mark and is ideal for long races
Picnic distance.
It looks like a nice handbag if a little futuristic.
Its main drawback is the price. **** DECOR TWO-BOTTLE . TX. -
The soft BAGpounds 15 is not as elegant as the BYO wine cooler, but it can also be used as a food for a better value for money.
It kept the wine cool for up to three hours.
\"It\'s not as efficient as BYO, but it\'s worth enough and better,\" says Catherine McWater . \"
Caspar Bowes foresaw a problem: \"This is a very good idea, but it would be better if the bag was a little deeper . \".
I suspect it may be a task to keep the low temperature of German or Alsace wines.
But it looks natural.
ICTC combined wine and chilled beer 14 lbs.
Shipping your wine isn\'t that much, cool it down when you go for a picnic.
There are some elements in the bucket that you can freeze six hours in advance and insert into the lining.
It\'s a clever idea in theory, but our group thinks it\'s complicated to put it together.
Louise Valery says assembly and shipping is tedious and difficult but looks good and works well.
Catherine McWater disagreed: \"The wine has no direct contact with the frozen elements, so cool it in the air --
Space is slower than the surround model.
If the bottle is very cold in the first place, it works fine.
Once the wine is cold, it will last up to two hours.
It can also be used as ice cubes. bucket.
Inventory: decoration 0534 47817;
Ca 0603 630 250;
ICTC 0603 488019
Flectalon 0443 843717Vacu-
Most department stores, supermarkets, and off-site Vin fast ice
Business license, Wine Hotel and chef\'s shop.
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