this is why female and male beach volleyball players wear different outfits

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Beach volleyball is definitely a popular sport during the Olympic Games.
Picture: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images: Getty Images is a recognized truth and the Olympics are a great opportunity to show the incredible body of athletes from all over the world.
Of course, the Olympics can also give us some lessons about hard work, determination and national pride, but our real purpose here is to have a long, lingering chisel abs
Beach volleyball is a great sport.
If you\'re straight or lesbian
Women Volleyball players walk around in the itsy bitsy bikini and always bend over to play on the beach.
They look amazing.
But it\'s not fun if you\'re a straight woman or a gay man because male players are wearing loose vests and knee-length shorts.
The same is true of news in order to promote equality. com.
International Federation of volleyball (FIVB)
The international governing body of sports, explaining why uniforms for men and women are so different.
The restaurants of nigerland are in meperink and Marion Van El SEL.
Image source: Bruno Oscar Schmidt of Brazil (L)
In the men\'s beach volleyball qualifiers in Brazil and Austria, Alison cheruti also competed.
Picture: Leon Neal/AFPSource: according to the federation\'s beach volleyball rules manual, FIVB official Beach Volleyball Women\'s clothing \"consists of\" top and bikini bottom and final accessories, the official men\'s clothing \"consists of vests, shorts and final accessories \".
\"FIVB has always attached great importance to the production of beach volleyball uniforms and accessories to help athletes improve their performance, and the manual states:\" In addition to ensuring an attractive and coherent understanding of all FIVB activities, and provide brand promotion opportunities for promoters. \".
\"Female athletes must wear bikini swimsuits that match the chart, wear them snugly, and cut them up from the top of their legs.
Women\'s tops (
Top Design of crop)
Must work closely with the body, the design must have deep sleeve holes on the back, always respect the space of the required brand.
Bruno Oscar Schmidt of Brazil controls the ball in the men\'s beach volleyball qualifiers in Brazil and Austria.
Picture: Lyon Neil/AFPSource: in a women\'s beach volleyball match against the Netherlands, Nathalia Alfaro of AFPCosta Rica dives for the ball.
Picture: Peter David Joseph/APSource: there are strict rules about the size and location of the sponsor\'s name, which may explain why male competitors need to wear shirts
Because they need a place to show advertisers.
\"Athletes can\'t loose shorts,\" the manual says . \"
\"For all athletes, the bottom of the shorts must be above the knee.
The men\'s vest must fit closely with the body, must be sleeveless and respect the space of the required brand.
\"As we saw earlier this week in Egypt against Germany, women players have other clothing options.
This is a tank top or t-
Shirts and shorts, or long sleeves and trousers.
One of the other unified options.
Source: Some other uniforms that supliedsome female players can wear.
Italian and Egyptian women\'s beach volleyball qualifiers
Image source: Nada Meawad and Doaa Elghobashy of AFPEgypt.
Photo source: AFPAustralia Olympic women\'s beach volleyball-
Nicole Laird, taliquart Clancy, Louise Baden, and Maria de altaco del Solar
I chose to wear a bikini-style uniform.
No male Australian player is eligible for the Rio Olympics. News. com.
The AU has contacted the Australian Volleyball Association for comment but has not received a response before the deadline.
Rose, April (centre L)
And together, Jennings (centre R)
Nicole Laird, Australia (L)
In the women\'s beach volleyball qualifying match in Rio, Mariafe Artacho Del Solar responded.
Image source: Robert Meeuwsen of AFPNetherland.
Image: Jose Sanchez Marcio/APSource: Madelein Meppelink, APNetherland.
Image source: Aprecia. sullivan@news. com.
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