this bride’s ikea shopping bag hack can help you pee in a wedding dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-21
As anyone wearing a wedding dress will tell you, it is not easy to go to the bathroom in one of the clothes.
You are worried about accidentally peeing on your clothes, or the dress may graze on the floor of the bathroom.
You also have to deal with the lack of privacy: when you relax yourself, it\'s not an ideal scenario for one or two bridesmaids to hold up the dress at the booth with you, especially when you\'re shy.
Tina, the bride who got married in May 2018, came up with a great solution that she shared on the Ikea Hacker blog.
It solves the above problem and requires little cost and no special DIY skills.
All you need is a big blue Frakta shopping bag from Ikea ($1. 49)
A pair of scissors, five minutes. (
To protect her privacy, Tina asked us not to include her last name and the location of the wedding. )
This is basically a DIY version of the bridal partner, a product that features \"Shark tank\" for about $34 on Amazon
Tina told Huffington Post, \"too much, especially when I see the quality of the fabric.
\"The high prices of bride friends and some of the pressure that may have been around for a while on the big day have prompted Tina to become creative and come up with her own solution.
\"I\'m wearing a mermaid dress so I can\'t sit back and face the toilet technique.
This kind of clothes can\'t be done, and I can\'t use it anyway. \"She said.
\"Also, more importantly, I am concerned that there will be periods on the day of the wedding and hope that it will be possible to change my menstrual protection on my own.
This means I need to be free with both hands and if you put your stylish dress in the skirt and hold it, the situation is different.
\"Even though Tina had a bunch of Ikea bags at home, she bought a new one for the venue to make sure it was clean and tidy.
Here\'s how she creates her own bridal bathroom assistant: Step 1: fold the Ikea bag in a half-length way.
Step 2: dig a hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag.
If necessary, start from small, bigger.
\"The bag hole has to be close to the bride\'s body, so it\'s better to cut a smaller hole and zoom in if it\'s too small,\" said Tina . \".
Step 3: Put your foot in the bag.
Step 4: pull the bag up and put a long strap on each shoulder.
If your hip is not suitable to go through the hole, take it off, slightly larger and try again.
On this important day, you can put the Ikea bag in the private bathroom of your venue or have one of your bridesmaids help you put it aside.
Grab the bag and go straight in when you need to pee.
Tina reminds you that you can even put your shoes on, but be sure not to step on the bag as it may stain your clothes.
Then put the bottom of your skirt in the bag and pull the longer strap onto your shoulder like this: \"It works well,\" said Tina.
\"I put a sign on a toilet door that says\" bridal special \"in order to have a private toilet.
It\'s easier, the floor is clean, and it\'s better to keep the wedding dress clean.
I hung the bag on the hook in the bathroom.
When hackers hacked the virus, some websites reported that Tina\'s DJ was the one who took the photos and posted them on social media.
But that\'s not the case, she said.
\"I don\'t know the DJ who shared my hack on the Facebook page,\" she said . \".
\"One of my bridesmaids took this picture because she was the only one who was in the toilet with me and then left me alone.
So you have it.
Don\'t worry now, happy urine.
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