there\'s so much more to this historic art deco home than its cali-cool vibes

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-18
This is a loaded word.
Home is a happy place for us.
This is our private sanctuary away from the noise and structure of the outside world.
A place we can control, a place where we can really be ourselves.
There is no pressure to comply with social norms, there is no expectation of being or not looking like what you are --
You can really relax and breathe.
That\'s why we can\'t wait to come back when we leave too long.
This is the feeling that Katie Hodges of Katie Hodges design wants to create.
When the Los Angeles interior designer first walked into the Hancock Park apartment in Los Angeles, she knew what she wanted to do with it. The nine-
The unit\'s historic Art Deco building was built by Bing Crosby in the 1930 s, so the place is somewhat full of personality and charm due to its architectural skeleton.
\"My goal is to create a space that feels equally comfortable and modern while maintaining a neutral palette,\" Hodges told MyDomaine . \".
\"There is so much romance in Spanish architecture that I want to capture the low-key elegance in a way that still feels modern and fresh.
\"While hodgs\' style develops with every space she works in, and every family truly\" calls her voice, \"she will never be too far away from that laid place --back Cali-cool aesthetic.
\"There is always a strong force in California --
\"Modern style and texture elements are integrated throughout the design,\" she said . \".
We think that you will agree with her after rolling this beautiful space.
The key to creating a space that looks like both collection and personality is the fusion of furniture styles.
\"Combined with modern (
Like a Hunting chair)with the old-world accents (
Such as vintage nude paintings and wooden folk chairs)
\"Create a multi-faceted design story that doesn\'t feel compelled,\" she said . \".
With high ceilings, a plaster fireplace and a large Tiffany, the living room is the favorite space for Hodges
Glass window, she said, \"Hello, let me go.
Hodges added: \"This is the room with the most mileage.
The layout is perfect for working from home, intimate nights with friends, or Netflix sitting on the sofa with puppies.
Apart from its beauty, it is perfectly livable and there is nothing too precious to take advantage.
Franklin sofa ($3250)
Because the details in the original building are amazing, Hodges keeps the palette very neutral and simple to highlight the arches, ceiling beams and plaster details of the fireplace.
Instead, she uses green plants to add color, frame the focus of the fireplace, and break all the white in the space.
\"When mixing plants, changing the proportion of leaves makes it look interesting,\" she added . \".
Swedish folk chair Lief 154 ($2495)
Draperies is an important design element that is usually not recognized enough, but the goal of Hodges is to change that perception.
\"It has the ability to lift the space and install the poles closer to the ceiling, which is the oldest trick in the book to exaggerate the windows and make the most impact,\" she suggested . \".
Desk 96 \"White (CB2 stairs)$399)
Layering is also the key to ensuring warmth and warmth in this large open space.
\"Almost all the big furniture was in my previous apartment,\" she said . \".
\"Sofa, coffee table, bed, bookshelf, bedside table, living room fold, dresser, dining room, even Roman color of star fabric.
I firmly believe that good investment --
When redesigned, it can look completely different to make and timeless foundation.
This is one of the biggest challenges she faces.
\"Using existing furniture in a new way is far less exciting than going out and buying new things, but I\'m proud to do that,\" she said . \".
\"I have to constantly check in to myself to make sure that the purchase is something I really like, not just to fill the space.
\"Katie Hodges, who designed Finn\'s pillow ($175)
The design of the coffee table also adopts layered technology.
Here, Hodges has curated a personal selection of coffee table books, pottery, artwork and candles.
Greek key coffee table in Grand Square ($3800)
Vintage kilim carpets tie all the elements together.
Its neutral color provides support for the eclectic mix of vintage pieces.
That\'s why Roy usually starts her design process with a carpet choice.
This is her first purchase.
\"I would recommend this first step, especially for those considering patterned carpets, because it would be easier to build a room around the carpet, rather than looking for a rug to use with a room that has been designed.
White and gray striped vintage Turkish gilem carpet ($1390)
The black leather hunting chair is the foundation of the room.
\"The darker, more masculine leather elements take up the space and push the design,\" she said . \".
She told us that it was also her biggest discovery online from Denmark.
\"The combination of black worn leather and walnuts made my soul understand,\" she said with a smile . \".
Arne Norell vintage Safari Sirocco chair ($5209)
Hodges didn\'t want to change too much of this iconic apartment so kept the black-and-
The white Art Deco tiles in the kitchen are original to the apartment.
\"It shows that some of the material is indeed timeless,\" she notes . \".
\"I like a trend as much as the next person, but the life of the design is always the most important thing in my process.
Living in an old-fashioned apartment that still feels so modern has greatly reminded me of the philosophy, and I even mentioned the size of the Shaker cabinet in one of my new construction projects.
[Creative women\'s striped hand towel with ribs ($30)
Hodges kept her modern upgrade to a minimum, making sure it complements the historical aesthetics of the apartment.
The pot holder nodded to the old, implying a new one. NK Pot Rack ($475)
This quaint light
Breakfast-filled corner adjacent to the kitchen.
Family offices in restaurants and Hodges have doubled.
Such a small space is a high demand.
\"The addition of buildings --
\"In the window seat, the rules of the game are changed, allowing for more features, storage space and a little bit of extra specificity,\" she said . \".
\"I will gladly accept the opportunity in any corner.
\"When choosing furniture for a small area, Hodges recommends that you keep the furniture (
Especially the first line)
In order not to drown the space, the visual light.
\"My design is usually made up of many parts, not just a focus part that pushes the look,\" she said . \".
Table of Ikea dorks Tower$199)
Hodges especially likes pillow textiles placed on benches. \"It is my all-
\"Time is the most popular because it is low-key and influential,\" she said . \"
\"Mixed textiles don\'t have to be complicated, and one of the reasons I open an online store is to share my obsession with textiles and help people plan their own special collection --of-a-kind treats.
Made of African vintage textiles, the black seat cushion is the color base of the space, just like the hunting chair in the living room.
\"Henning kailanouf of Bruno Hansen 255 teak chair ($495)
Hodges decided to continue the neutral and black color palette from the living room to the bedroom with a slightly rough aesthetic.
\"Day after day, when I was at home, I was immersed in so much visual excitement.
\"I long for simplicity and cleanliness,\" she explained . \".
We agree very much.
G Cloverdale design the company$2500)
The designer admits that she is not a minimalist, but editing her choices is the key to creating the right mood.
\"Every room has a small challenge and to my surprise I can\'t find sconces that meet my vision,\" she said . \".
\"I contacted Worley\'s lighting company with this idea, and Katie scancey was born.
Many of the products I produce in the store are born out of the market gap, so I encourage people to lend a helping hand to vendors with custom requirements and ideas.
The lights of Wally$299)
After finishing this place, she now has a new understanding of her client.
\"I fully understand why it is difficult for them to provide their house because the vision disappears when it is so personal,\" she said . \".
Because I know this place is a little short.
I didn\'t take it too seriously during the semester and everything was easy.
Design by Katie Hodges$265)
In the past year, collecting antiques has been a priority for Hodges and the most satisfying experience of \"hunting and collecting.
\"I\'m very impatient, so it\'s challenging to have time to look for meaningful work, but it\'s really worth it,\" she said . \".
However, the wise word is: Don\'t delay too long if you find an antique.
It\'s completely heartbreaking when someone else grabs the \"likes\" item you \'ve been delaying your purchase. \" Preach. West Elm Mid-Century 6-
Dresser of oak drawer ($999)
This entrance evokes a moody but calm aesthetic.
Hodges purchased vintage items, which is a suitable introduction for the apartment.
\"Other spaces are brighter and quieter, so the color palette in the room gives off a darker atmosphere,\" she said . \".
Original watercolor landscape and dairy painting in Chai Rishi ($495)
The bathroom is pure art deco magic thanks to the unique tile combination.
\"I wish I could be responsible for the beautiful pink decorative art tiles, but they are original tiles in their 30 s, and thankfully saved by the former occupants,\" said Hodges . \".
\"When designing the space, I added the masculine and playful style to neutralize the feminine temperament of the pink tiles.
The use of black and Roman tones in the gallery frame laid the foundation of the color scheme and balanced the pink girlish temperament.
Alex Kostinskyi Knuba, 2010 ($38)
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