the well-dressed closet

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-18
Yesterday, Boomer Lane\'s life stood on her side of the road and before the recycling truck arrived, she threw a carton into the recycling bin.
A woman passed by with her dog.
She stopped in front of LBL and praised her lovely little workout top (
Forever 21, really cheap).
LBL thanked her for her praise and said: \"21 years old forever. Really cheap.
The woman replied, \"sportswear is important to me because I don\'t wear anything.
LBL replied, \"so did I.
Even if I have never been to the gym.
\"It shows us the tragic life of LBL.
Every morning, she put on her sportswear and was totally planning on going to the gym and then going home and changing into real clothes.
Then two things will happen: 1.
She goes to the gym and then does about 10 errands and goes on a date. 2.
She did about 10 errands, went on a date and never went to the gym.
In either case, she spent the day in her sportswear.
And, even though her sportswear may be cute, she really doesn\'t want people to think that she only has black spandex pants, tak tops, and a cute elastic top that goes over the tank (
Forever 21, really cheap).
Since LBL is a real estate agent (capital \"R\")
Keen readers may ask, \"Why do I read this nonsense instead of doing important things with my life?
\"The rest of you may ask,\" How LBL wears sportswear when she is a Realtor (capital \"R\")
Do you want to see customers?
\"The answer to the first question is that while this blog is stupid and trivial, it is better for your mental health than tracking the political chaos that is happening all over the country now.
The answer to the second question is that LBL often says to customers, \"Please forgive me.
Professional clothing.
I just got out of the gym.
\"People who live in important, fast places --
The rhythm of Washington, DC is impressive and sometimes even says \"cute top \".
\"LBL will never answer \".
It\'s really cheap, \"she drove the Mercedes for the same reason (pre-
Really cheap).
Appearance is everything.
LBL likes clothes.
She doesn\'t have that much because she throws anything she no longer loves because if she has too many clothes she loses what she has, then she had a lot of anxiety.
The end result is that she has a wardrobe with beautiful clothes and great shoes in it, but she can easily rent half of the space to too many people with clothes.
So, she has a part. empty, well-
She was wearing her own sportswear and wardrobe.
LBL must now make a detour in her thought chain, as she has now been distracted by several of her friends with obscene costumes.
We\'re talking about 40 black pants, 20 white peasant tops, 23 stretch pants of different colors, and 25 waist tops.
These clothes cover a variety of sizes and decades.
That\'s not even to say dozens of wallets, belts, etc.
A friend moved to the apartment from the townhouse.
She took a big step in the closet of the apartment, which was not enough for all her clothes.
She stuffed as much as she could into the closet.
It was not long before she heard a loud noise.
The stylish dress bar has come down and it is part of the wall of the closet.
It took her a few days to pick the clothes.
The closet must be redecorated in steel-
Reinforce the wall.
Another friend lost a lot of weight.
LBL walked into her closet and threw away about half of her clothes.
This is equivalent to hundreds of clothes dating back to the age of 1980.
The friend finally got back to weight and there was nothing to wear and had to change everything.
Except for clothes with big shoulders and lots of Sparks, most of her is like this.
She still reminds LBL of her loss and puts LBL on full responsibility.
At some point, the third friend realized that she had seven winter clothes, more or less the same.
This is another event that causes a lot of anxiety in LBL.
Sometimes she buys exactly the same items that already exist in the closet.
Dear reader, LBL can\'t even describe to you what happens to her brain when she finds this.
She will tell you the details.
Even thinking of this is enough to trigger anxiety.
Go back to the gym now.
Sometimes LBL thinks she should acknowledge the reality of her life by simply shopping in lululullemon and paying thousands of dollars for designer fitness outfits that can go seamlessly from the gym to the Opera House.
But when there\'s a replacement for $25 or less, she can\'t afford to pay $150 or more for her sports pants.
LBL found a new clothing site this morning, the name is not easy to pronounce, the clothes are great and the price is reasonable. Gudrunsjoden. com.
She ordered a lovely jacket.
She can\'t wait until it arrives so it can be worn with other good clothes in her closet.
Since most of LBl\'s clothes are in the same color range (black)and style (
Simple cut)
She knew the other clothes would warmly welcome the new Max woman jacketbecause they had a lot in common.
Every morning, when she picked up her sportswear from the basket and saw her real clothes lined up, LBL would be very happy and have a good time with each other, don\'t make a mess because it\'s actually worn out.
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