the week’s odd news: paramedic in wedding dress works crash on way to reception

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-26
Clarksville, Tennessee—
When Sarah Ray\'s father and grandparents were in a car accident on their way to the wedding reception,
Nursing staff on duty in Tennessee arrived at the scene in a wedding dress.
\"My dad called my husband and said there was an accident,\" said Sarah Ray . \".
\"All he told him was that there was a car accident and the car was destroyed.
We know nothing about injuries.
\"Ray found her grandmother in an ambulance, her airbag and seat belt injured, seriously enough to send her to the hospital, but no life --threatening.
\"The first thing she said to me was I\'m sorry she ruined my wedding,\" Ray said . \".
Ray assured her grandmother that she had not done such a thing.
When she walked back to the car in the drizzle, took her wedding stylish dress off the ground, and the ambulance and fire truck were behind her, Ray\'s mother took a picture.
This photo is posted on the Facebook page of Montgomery County government titled \"How focused are you on your work?
The title briefly explains the picture and concludes, \"Thank you, Sarah, for loving what you do!
A man was found in the attic of arester Darlington church in Va. —
Police say a man who has lived in a Virginia church attic for three years has been arrested.
William Barker, 42, was arrested on October.
Police in Arlington County say he was charged with illegal entry.
They said he had been sleeping in a makeshift bed in the attic of the Roman Catholic Church in Arlington.
Authorities say they also found food, water, guitar and clothes in the room.
Police spokesman Dustin Stern Baker said Buck\'s room was found after the maintenance staff heard noise from above the kitchen.
The police said Buck told the police that he would sneak into the attic with a ladder.
Customs officers: travelers hide cocaine in oil and vinegar bottles in New York
Law enforcement officials say a passenger arriving at JFK Airport in New York loaded 11 pounds of liquid cocaine into oil bottles and vinegar bottles. U. S.
The Customs and Border Protection agency said cocaine was found in October.
5 Andres Josue Laer Valle of Guatemala arrived with three suitcases and one carry-on luggage --on bag.
Agents said they opened several bottles of oil and vinegar in Leal Valle\'s luggage and found an unusual chemical smell.
Customs officials say the liquid in six bottles tested positive for cocaine.
They say the total weight of cocaine is 11 pounds and the street value is $194,000.
The case is under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.
Accusing nephewNEW YORK of \"never feeling well\"
New York City woman sued her 12-year-
On October, four years ago, the old nephew suffered from a broken wrist and jumped in her arms to meet her.
She was \"not satisfied\" with the lawsuit \".
Jennifer Cornell appeared with her nephew, Sean Tara, on NBC\'s Today show.
She said she wants the owner of her nephew\'s parents to cover her medical expenses, but she can only sue one person under Connecticut law.
\"One has to be named, and in this case, because Sean is with me this fall, I was told that Sean has to be named.
\"I have never been comfortable,\" Cornell said . \".
This week, the jury dismissed the lawsuit against Cornell for $127,000.
Cornell said that when the boy jumped into her arms on the 8 th, she broke her wrist
He had a birthday party at his home in West Port, Connecticut, causing her to fall.
Her lawyer said she filed a lawsuit after her nephew\'s parents\' insurance company offered her $1 for the accident.
Cornell and Sean sit together and say they love each other.
\"She will never do anything that hurts her family or myself,\" Sean said . \".
Cornell said she was shocked by the rebound, including her being vilified on social media as a terrible aunt, the most hated woman in the United States and a terrible person.
\"I walked into court that morning and walked around on social media, which was great.
I suddenly got a call, \"Don\'t look at the Internet \".
\"Don\'t turn on the TV,\" she said.
Sean defended his aunt and said: \"Everyone is talking about things they don\'t know.
\"The park\'s pesky Owls are not critical of runnersBETHESDA, Maryland. —
Park officials warned that an aggressive owl attacked runners on a popular trail in Bethesda, Maryland.
At least three runners on the Capital Crescent Trail were reportedly attacked by a large bird, one of which was identified as a banned owl.
The attack took place in the evening or before dawn of the past two weeks.
When the bird swooped down from behind, the runner was only slightly scratched, officials said.
Melissa Jantina, a spokeswoman for Montgomery Park, said the banned owls, which normally operate at night, belong to the territory.
She advised the owl to make a noise as she approached and then plunge into any ponytail.
On October, park staff posted slogans on the trails.
14. Read, \"Be careful!
An aggressive owl lives here!
Czech political opponents bet $421,000 on the Internet
In Czech politics, the stakes between the two rivals are growing.
The finance minister, Andre Barbies, and his predecessor, miroslavic kalusek, often use tough wording when commenting on each other, but they promoted the competition to a whole new one in October14.
In the parliamentary committee debate on the 2016 budget, Kalousek, the conservative TOP 09 party, placed a bet on 10 million koruna ($421,000)
Babis\'s allegation that Kalousek was investigated by the police for his 2008 decision to allow bets on the Internet is untrue.
Babis, who leads the centrist ANO movement, is one of the richest people in the United States, and he accepted the bet.
The two confirmed their bets to Czech public television, claiming they were both capable of winning.
Police are advising marijuana growers in postDANBURY, Facebook. H. —
A police department recently posted a post on Facebook to advise cannabis growers. An Oct.
Twelve posts on the Danbury police station website say that if the cannabis grower goes home, walks in the woods and finds that the summer \"gardening project\" is gone, he or she should call to talk about it.
It says, \"We will give you some advice to get through your loss.
It says a business card.
In a Facebook post, there was a photo of the cannabis plant on the hood of the police car.
The town of about 1,200 residents is about 30 miles northwest of Concord.
A man was unconscious during a battle at the beach of Graham Clarkson Riviera in Florida. —
A man threw a hot sauce bottle and knocked the victim unconscious in a fight about Graham cookies.
Police say Sean DeAndre Thomas is eating Graham cookies in a church that provides food for the homeless.
Authorities say Thomas became upset when someone asked for his cookies, so he picked up a bottle of chili sauce and allegedly threw it on the man\'s head and knocked him out.
According to a police report, Thomas also hit another man\'s throat while trying to intervene.
Thomas was charged with a deadly weapon and battery. The 40-year-old and a 57-year-
The old victims were taken to hospital but did not know about them.
The cattle who escaped the auction were produced in the corn field in New York. D. —
A cow escaped from North Dakota\'s livestock auction, causing a stir, disrupting traffic on busy city streets, and then hiding for a month in the cornfield where she gave birth to the calf.
Kist livestock officials said that when they finally were able to raise the cattle, they found the calves at the corn field in Mandan.
\"We think she\'s just hiding by herself, but she\'s hiding something good,\" said Jessie Kester . \".
At the beginning of September, when the cattle were loaded on the truck at the auction facility, the cattle were loose.
She followed a main road on Bismarck Street --
The Mandan area then disappears on the battlefield.
Auction officials coaxed the animal out of the ground with water, but it was hard for them to catch her.
\"She always goes straight back to the field.
\"She won\'t stay,\" said Feldman Matt latchmel . \".
The arrested cow is currently being raised at a livestock auction so she can raise 3-week-old calf.
\"It\'s a cool ending to the story, not only because she brought a calf, but because she brought a calf that looked the same as her,\" Kist said . \".
The woman found the bear in the apartment in N. apartmentASHEVILLE. C. —
A woman in North Carolina said she walked into her daughter\'s apartment and found a bear roaming around her home, opening an unlocked door to enter the apartment.
Kelly Klopp, a Asheville Fire Department spokesman, said the mother called emergency personnel on October.
After discovering that the bear had some pet food.
North Carolina Wildlife Resources committee biologist Mike Callaway said the bear smelled dog food inside the door and was able to enter the door by pulling down the unlocked handle.
The staff rushed to the ceiling to scare the bear and the bear was not injured, Klope said.
Klope said the rest of the bear\'s visit was just a broken flowerpot and the blind.
Callaway said a similar breakthrough
Ins is rare, the first ins in the Asheville area this year.
Police: The woman who does not have her laundry, bathtubSHENANDOAH, Pa. —
A Penn woman was jailed for allegedly breaking into her neighbor\'s house, where she was found washing clothes in the bathtub.
Kelly Bancroft, 44, was indicted on October.
Theft and trespassing.
A woman living across the street from Bancroft told the police that she went to use the bathroom at about 4: 30. m.
Bancroft was found next to the tub, which was filled with water, clothes and shampoo.
When the lady asked Bancroft how she got into the apartment, Bancroft locked the door to the bathroom and the resident summoned a neighbor to help.
When the man arrived, Bancroft had run away, leaving wet clothes everywhere.
Bancroft will hold a preliminary hearing on October. 22.
Overdue books are returned to the library, 52 years later, Portland, Oregon. —
The Portland State University librarian finally got two books that were out of date.
Half a century after they checked out.
The Oregon reported that two books that were checked out in 1963 were placed in a library with an anonymous handwritten note.
University librarian Joan Petti says the books are too old and the staff don\'t know what to do with them.
When they were borrowed at a high price
The school\'s voice class, digital card catalogue, and classification have changed.
But librarians who no longer charge late fees say they appreciate the return of \"basic principles of speech\" and \"Preface to critical reading \".
Anonymous admitted that the books were \"out of date --yes —
But I will let you decide their fate now.
Honorary Professor of University 17-
Mass speed limit, quality. —
An MIT university has changed all the speed limit signs on campus in honor of a retired math professor whose career has been mesmerized by numbers 17.
The speed limit at Hampshire College changed from 15 miles per hour to 17 miles per hour, which was made at the request of Professor David Kelly.
When he resigned 45 years after teaching at Amherst College, he did not want a retirement party.
Kelly knows countless facts about 17, the seventh Prime number.
He said it has a wide range of applications in mathematics and other disciplines.
With regard to 17, there are many interesting facts, including 17 pillars on the long side of the Greek temple of partaine.
Kelly said the tribute \"embodies the uniqueness of Hampshire \".
\"The dead mouse fell out of the spinach bag and was in the ore sandwich shop. —
A Subway customer said he found a dead mouse in a sandwich at a restaurant on the Oregon coast.
Matt Jones said the recent discovery of mice at Lincoln City restaurant was the most interesting thing he had ever seen --
The most disgusting.
He said his friend Jay ordered an Italian submarine and wanted spinach.
The staff scraped some from the bottom of the trash can and then put it on the bread.
There was a vibration on both sides of the counter.
\"I laughed because I thought it couldn\'t happen,\" Jones said . \".
Cheryl Cornell, director of Health and Human Services at Lincoln County, said a health inspector went to the restaurant soon.
Investigators looked at the dead mouse and the bin it came from before looking for any signs of contamination or feces throughout the restaurant.
\"The investigation determined that the problem with mice was not from within the factory,\" Cornell said . \".
\"This could be a bag of spinach products in bags,\" Cornell said . \".
Subway declined to disclose the identity of the spinach supplier, saying it was its proprietary information.
The company said in a statement that the restaurant had been thoroughly cleaned and the customer refunded.
Cornell said the health inspector consulted the doctor and decided that although the dead mouse did not appetizing, it was unlikely that it would make anyone who ate spinach from the same bag sick.
Trade union: mold in the health department
A union and worker complain about unhealthy working conditions in an unlikely place: the office of Penn County Health Department.
Local 668, the International Union of service staff, said mold and asbestos problems existed at the health facility in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh.
The Ministry of Health issued a statement saying it is actively working to resolve the county\'s decades of delay in maintenance
Own buildings including clinics.
Workers said they were told that the health department would decide in December whether to renovate or sell the buildings, but they have been working for too long and exposed to health hazards.
The employee, Dawn Back, told the station that she has been working there since 1999, \"they have been telling us since then that they will move us to a better building.
\"Friends Rescue dogs by pulling 100 feet in a mine in shaftzona, California—
Two friends pulled down more than 100 feet in a mine in southern California and saved a dog.
Michael Schoepf and Nick Gladden are not there.
Last week, while roaming around Lake Matthews, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, they found an abandoned mine and fired a flashlight into it.
They saw a pair of eyes looking up at them.
Gladden uses the nylon rope part tied together and carefully puts the Schoepf down.
Schoepf said that the bulldog climbed directly to him and he brought the animal to the water.
Keri Berka of happy tail animal hospital says it treats some scratches and Traumatic glaucoma in the dog\'s left eye, which can happen if it falls off the shaft.
They hope to find the owner of the animal.
At eight miles of the Chicago Marathon, the running couple said, \"I will\"
A couple got married from home at the Chicago Marathon.
Stephanie Reinhart, 35, said she just wanted a \"short and sweet ceremony \".
Mark Joker, 46, wants to have a big wedding surrounded by friends and family.
In October, Reinhart married Joe Kerr. 11 at the 8-
Miles mark of the Chicago Marathon, near Boston city.
Reinhart is wearing a white running dress with flowers in his hand.
Joker in tuxedoshirt.
They exchanged vows under a garden arch decorated with medals in the competition.
The ceremony took less than 4 minutes.
Reinhart said she had a simple wedding, and jokrell had \"thousands of guests \".
Organizers of the Chicago Marathon have customized the bride and groom for the couple.
They toast with Gatorade.
The couple met two years ago through the Chicago Regional Runners Association.
Public officials resigned and could not find a job. —
A member of the village committee in the Grand Rapids region felt remorse after announcing \"I resign\" at a long controversial meeting.
The Sparta Council accepted Paul sibad\'s words.
He won\'t return his job.
Hibard plans to call for a public seat to be appointed to the Council.
But if not, he will be in the elections in 2016.
Hibard said he should not \"resign\" on Tuesday \". 14.
He said he was tired and thought of a family funeral and used a \"bigger word than I should have used \".
Hibard asked the council to delete his resignation, but was rejected, 4-2.
\"You can\'t shout \'I resign,\' and you can\'t make an impact,\" said village chief Kristi Bachan.
\"Authorities shot and killed a bull running around in freewayPHOENIX, Ariz. —
A police officer was forced to shoot a loose cow on the Phoenix.
Authorities say traffic is blocked on the highway.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, Bart Graves, said the agency had received several calls around 9: 15. m. Oct.
14. it is reported that a cow runs around the United States. S.
Highway 60 and Interstate 10.
Graves said the cow ran out of a car with a flat tire.
The soldiers said that although they tried to stop the animal, it had been moving towards the interstate.
Graves said a soldier shot the cow at the time to prevent it from returning to the highway.
The soldiers then took it to the desert area near the exit ramp.
Graves said the cattle were later killed.
Bees postpone flights from the United States to Germany
Some unusual passengers have caused a flight delay for American Airlines.
The passengers, hundreds of bees, were spotted by a crew on the right wing of a Boeing 767 landing in Dallas.
Fort Worth airport, October. 14.
The plane arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, from Las Vegas.
US spokeswoman huhuguely said on Thursday that a team of beekeepers and airlines did a \"great job\" in dealing with the situation \".
No one was stung.
Huguely said the beekeepers took the Queen and the flock safely.
The goods were removed from Las Vegas and the staff began to load their luggage for flight Frankfurt.
But the smell of the Queen clearly lingers.
The bees soon moved towards the same place.
The beekeepers drove the bees back and let the plane finally take off.
Students regret mac-and-
The cheese in Hartford, Connecticut melts. —
A student at Connecticut State University
When the food service staff refused to sell him jalapeno, they attacked him.
The bacon macaroni and cheese have apologized.
Luke Garty, 19, at 21/2-
He posted a drunken video online saying he was ashamed of his behavior.
Gatti, a new student from Bayville, New York, will appear in court on Tuesday on charges of violating peace and criminal offences in October.
4 broke out in the College Student Union food court in stors, where the university is located.
His mac and cheese melt was captured by the video and widely watched online.
Dave Robinson, police and food service director, said Gatti was denied service for carrying an open alcohol container.
In the video, Garty had a dispute with Robinson.
Speaking of Robinson in his apology video, Gatti said: \"No one ever deserves it . \".
\"I was very intoxicated, to say the least.
He said he was shocked when he first saw a video of his tantrum.
\"I just looked at it and said \'Oh my God, like what\'s wrong with me? \'? ’ ” he says.
He said that he is solving personal problems and that what happens in the student union is a \"wake-up call \".
Gatti filmed an apology video called \"drunken UConn student apologising for Mac and Cheese\" and uploaded it to YouTube on Sunday with his father Vincent Gatti, who told the Hartford Court, \"He is a child who has made a serious mistake. \".
\"My son was wrong and it felt terrible about it. ”Since the mac-and-
He said his family was subjected to a \"string of shouting, screaming, swearing, hating, horrible, hateful, malicious people\" who criticized his son\'s actions \".
Luke Garty said in an apology video that people who want to send him mac and cheese should donate them to the pantry.
\"There are a lot of hungry people outside,\" he said . \"
Some UConn students have started an online fundraising campaign to show their support for food service workers.
According to the Hampshire daily, Gatti, a former student at the University of Massachusetts, was arrested twice last year on charges of disrupting behavior.
Court documents show that in one of the arrests he was charged with using racial slander against a police officer. —
By Paul H.
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