the tradition of white wedding dresses

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-12
We are used to this situation before we encounter evidence.
White wedding dress has long been a tradition.
However, do you know what it was before that?
The history of white wedding dresses dates back to the Victorian era.
Queen Victoria is the first woman to wear a white wedding dress. At her wedding in 1840, the white wedding dress will be considered a gorgeous white wedding dress.
This gorgeous wedding dress did not start the tradition immediately.
However, many women think it is a symbol of class and style, and then they start wearing white wedding dresses to imitate Queen Victoria at the wedding.
After that, it produced the interest and popularity of the white wedding dress we know today.
Before that, the normal policy of the wedding dress is to wear beautiful new clothes, which can be used in later formal occasions.
For the nobles, they are willing to choose to wear very expensive clothes with gold thread.
In that era, the length of the train was a symbol of the extent of influence on the royal family.
Nowadays, women all over the world dream of wearing pure white wedding dresses on the wedding day.
This tells us that today\'s white wedding dress is deep
For many people, tradition is not only a tradition, but also a symbol of virtue.
From the marriage Handbook, we can hear \"white is the most appropriate tone from the Earliest Times \".
Even in the history of the United States, it is normal to buy a good dress as a wedding dress.
Since Britain is a place full of tradition and legends, it is natural that the tradition of white wedding dresses began by the British monarchy.
Before the First World War, the British wedding dress became more and more exquisite.
Women love the simple style and give up the bodice and short skirts.
During the Great Depression in the United States, women will get married in a white dress, but in order to wear it normally, they will dye it in blue or other colors.
The interesting thing you can see is that the collar and cuffs are still white to show the original use of the skirt.
The situation changed during the Second World War.
The woman gave up the wedding because they had little time to plan it.
Also, it is normal for women in service to get married in uniform.
Of course, there are still some women who do not participate in the service.
For these people, they will choose a good new dress for their wedding.
The period of prosperity has come.
During this period, there were many special dresses with no other purpose than the wedding.
Like Queen Victoria, Princess Grace of Monaco set the wedding dress standard for contemporary women at her wedding, showing them and those pursuing them the standard of the ideal wedding stylish dress.
Nowadays, wearing a white and luxurious dress is a sign that you can afford a wedding dress and you may never be able to wear it again because of its style and color.
Of course, the color of the wedding dress is also a lot.
However, the white wedding dress symbolizes this is your first wedding and also represents the virtue of your wedding.
So people will choose a white wedding stylish dress at their first wedding.
However, if they have a second wedding, the bride will choose a wedding stylish dress in other colors such as pink and blue.
As time changes, brides in the new century want to enjoy the wedding in their chosen colors.
Ordinary women inject their own personality and style into the wedding dress.
We can see that women are getting married, from exquisite ivory to the deepest red or even black.
For the royal family, they still like the traditional white wedding dress.
But now many ordinary people can afford a white wedding dress, so it does not represent the status of the upper class.
So they chose something different from ordinary people, with the most expensive silk, pearls, and materials possible.
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