the science of picking a winter coat

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-26
Do you have the right winter clothes?
Do you want to buy one?
Susan Koeppen, a consumer reporter for The Morning Show, said there are hundreds of options: down jacket, soft shell, hard shell, Cross
Wool, and more.
Now the technology is so advanced that some are even made of recycled materials!
She said the selection was incredible. -
Enough to make your head spin.
So, which are the best coats to keep you warm and which are the best ones to keep you dry?
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It has just sorted out the winter Buyer\'s Guide and tested dozens of jackets and coats in the process.
She also parked a North Face store in Manhattan, where manager Steve Martino told her that her coat sales have been active with the arrival of winter, the first question the customer asked about the coat they were considering was, \"Is it warm? \"?
The trick to picking the right coat, Roberts says, is to match your lifestyle.
He suggested that you should wear a down jacket for a walk in the park.
They are \"very warm\" and \"very light and very comfortable\", he said \".
\"When you buy it, look for a number like 650 fill or 800 fill.
\"The higher the number, the higher the quality of the drop, the warmer it will generally be,\" Roberts notes . \".
But if you\'re going to get wet, it\'s not an option to come down.
Then suddenly it changed from light and fat to wet and clumsy.
\"It\'s like mud, you lose everything,\" Roberts notes . \".
If you\'re going to be in heavy rain or heavy snow, it\'s hard to beat a hardshell jacket.
\"It\'s really about keeping you dry,\" Roberts said.
It\'s waterproof.
And breathable.
So, the moisture can\'t come in, but the water vapor can go out when you heat it.
\"If it\'s your business to exercise in a cold environment, like skiing or jogging, Roberts suggests you buy a soft shell, that is, water --resistant.
He said, \"There\'s just more breathing-
Good waterproof performance.
So, although it will snow, it is raining a lot. . .
It may be soaked after a period of time.
The manufacturer has been testing the material and trying to make the jacket better, says Koeppen ---using real-
World conditions and laboratories that simulate heavy rain and freezing temperatures.
Some companies even use recycled materials to make coats that are better for the environment.
Patagonia is one of them, Roberts said. he described Patagonia as a high
Performance jacket.
Koeppen observed that today\'s coats are not only fully functional, but also stylish and charming.
Roberts tried one from the cloud screen and Burton\'s Koeppen.
Both are insulated but look great, says Roberts.
And, if you want to walk from the slope to the shop without looking out ---
Wearing a cross coat is a good choice, says Koeppen.
She put on a shell with faux fur and Roberts is a Gortex product, saying \"it looks great in the mountains and it looks great in the city.
\"But keeping warm and dry will cost you.
Some jackets cost $500.
It\'s all relative, Roberts says: \"How much would you be willing to pay to keep it warm and dry?
It makes us happy.
I mean, we paid a lot for our food and we paid a lot for a stylish suit. . . .
Your money may be worth it.
Koeppen concluded: \"Don\'t forget the wool ---
It\'s always a good choice, she says.
This is a natural insulator that keeps you warm even when wet.
It has been used for hundreds of years now, even some high
The tech Max woman jacketwith fancy fabric uses wool inside.
Many of these items can be seen in Koeppen\'s work: men\'s wear: Ibex Clive jacket: ibexwear, $225.
North face flash: $229, front.
North face Sentinel windshield jacket: $229, front.
Four pine insulated jacket for ComCloudveil: $250, cloudveil.
Winter Guide to Batagonia: $275 for Batagonia.
ComPowderhorn Nighthawk down jacket: $325, powderhornworld.
ComMarmot Exum coat: $375, groundhog.
Cottage: $130, cottage.
Universal set for villrell: $400, Meryl.
ComNau shroud for Purrin jacket: $258, nau.
Powergod comArc \'teryx hoodie: $325, arcteryx.
Arcteryx jacket: $299.
ComFilson Mackinaw Cruiser jacket: $275, filson.
Women\'s jacket: Ibex Alyx jacket: $225, ibexwear.
North face metropolis: $279, positive face.
Downward patrol by ComCloudveil: $330 for cloudveil.
Patagonia Rubicon puff jacket: $349, Patagonia.
ComPatagonia R2 coat: $160, Patagonia.
ComMarmot ascend coat: $275, groundhog.
ComMarmot Gravity jacket: $150, groundhog.
Cottage: $130, cottage.
Cumberton Dutchess insulated jacket: $199. 95, burton.
Burton Adams Max woman jacketcomb: $219. 95, burton.
ComBurton City System jacket: $279. 95, burton.
ComISIS Shastina jacket: $219, isisforwomen.
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