The Most Stylish Apple Watch Combinations for Every Type of Person

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-04
On April 10, pre-orders for Apple watches began.
The first reaction was very good. there were already many models talking about it all summer.
If you\'re not one of the many people who get up at three in the morningm.
In order to get the first fashion wearable product of your brand, you may be divided into two categories: 1)
You are not interested (e. g.
, Antique Rolex collector, Leder)or 2)
You don\'t know which style to buy.
The latter is completely understandable.
Aesthetic customization is the core of Apple Watch --
A completely unfamiliar customer experience for the company.
Help you so you don\'t have to rely on fashion advice from Appleretail employees (Match blue Tshirts, anyone? )
I sorted out a simple buyer guide.
There may be 38 options (
There are 3 series on 18 strips, there are 6 different case types, all have 2 sizes)
But these 10 combinations are the best.
Or at least the most fashionable.
Style: Apple watch sports space gray aluminum sleeve with black sports watch.
It was undervalued and got (fitness-tracking)job done. $349-
$399 match: the armor you \'d better wear, or the nylon pilot Max woman jacketworn by a public school with a rib on it
Knit peas and your Nike Air Max 1.
Keep the focus fresh.
Style: stainless steel Apple Watch
Steel case on Milan Ring Road.
This is a timeless but modern look. $649-
$699 matching: stylish blue set-
And your new beard.
Style: 18 version of Apple Watch-
Bright red modern gold case with buckle Carratt.
People will not miss this.
$17,000. Wear whatever you want.
You just bought a $17,000 gadget with a trendy red strap.
Style: black stainless steel Apple Watch Space
Steel case on the Space Black link bracelet. $1,049-
$1,099 for anything.
Congrats on your first clock (
Since Casio in 1985).
Style: stainless steel Apple Watch
Modern Brown buckle steel case.
It\'s as close to tradition as you will get.
$749: Men\'s cigar, women\'s lips.
Style: stainless steel Apple Watch
Soft pink modern steel case with buckle.
It\'s a perfect choice when you go to the club and pretend to play tennis.
$749 match: white tennis, pastel or set.
Or even better, a soft set.
Style: stainless steel Apple Watch
Black classic steel case with buckle. $649-
$699: Dior. All day.
A refreshing white shirt
Buckle all the way-
A pair of black slim jeans.
Style: stainless steel Apple Watch
Steel sleeve on bright blue leather ring.
$699 with: Breton sweater and a healthy sense of adventure.
But remember, it\'s just water. resistant—not waterproof.
Style: Apple Watch Sport silver aluminum case with blue sports Watch (
Golden State Warriors and Thunder)
Red Sports Band (
Los Angeles Clippers, New York Rangers)
Green Sports Band (
SEAHAWKS Seattle)—
You see. $349-
Bring a ball cap and a bottle of raw beer for $399.
Style: 18 version of Apple Watch-
White sports band karat rose gold case. $10,000-
$12,000: your best asset.
Want to see more?
Forget about Apple\'s limited website and head to mixyouwatch.
Com, it allows you to play with all the changes and styles.
Nic Screws is the fashion director of Bloomberg.
Follow her on twitter and instagram
Mail her any of your fashion questions or questions at: nscrews @ bloomberg. net.
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