the masters: is there a correct way to put on the green jacket?

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-11
The green jacket is a signature part of the Masters, but everyone on Augusta\'s honor list finds it easy to wear their prestigious prizes for the first time.
Only the national members of Augusta and the champions of the men\'s golf open of the year have the opportunity to wear the famous costumes, and after the game, the former champion showed his Max woman jacketat Butler\'s hut.
Patrick Reid will help 2019 champions put on his green Max woman jacketon Sunday night, although for years some players have found the task harder than it should be!
From trying to figure out which arm to put first to having to struggle and squeeze into the jacket, many masters don\'t have a smooth experience to show off their new clothes!
Click on the video above to see what players think about their green jacket experience!
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The live coverage of the opening ceremony began with a featured group at 2: 00 on Thursday.
Sports Red Button through the sky at fifteen o\'clock P. M.
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