the impact of cognitive impairment on upper body dressing difficulties after stroke: a video analysis of patterns of recovery

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-21
Abstract objective: to investigate potential cognitive deficits that affect the ability of stroke patients to re-learn stylish dress.
The aim was to investigate how rehabilitation occurred and whether the nature of cognitive impairment was the cause of the ongoing stylish dress issue.
Methods: The dressing changes of 30 patients with stroke were compared.
Acute attack three months later
Standardized cognitive and physical tests were performed and video analysis was performed for patients wearing polo shirts.
Results: 13 patients with upper limb strength retention put on their shirts with both arms.
Although visual space is damaged or lost in some cases, all surgery is successful as long as there is enough time.
Of the 17 patients with arm paralysis, 12 relied on wearing shirts.
Among the five independent individuals, a significant decrease in cases of cognitive impairment was found in the apraxia test (p
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