teenager wears her mum’s 1998 wedding dress to prom to save money

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-23
Starting with the pantósto slip dress and continuing to inspire the street style of the season after the 90 s, a teenager finds the ultimate wallet --
A friendly way to cope with the trend at the dance.
Lester\'s Grace Jeyes decided not to pay for a new stylish dress but borrowed her mother\'s 21-year-
Old wedding dress of big day. When the 18-year-
She stumbled upon her mother\'s dress from 1998, and she immediately \"fell in love with it\" and was happy to find it fits perfectly.
This creamy dress features embroidered bodice and transparent lid sleeves with delicate buttons on the front.
In order to bring the appearance into 2019, Jeyes chose to work with co-
Coordination of clutch and lip.
In order for the ball to be a touching moment for her family, she decided to keep the dress until the night before.
Read more: Mom went to the dance to honor her late daughter \"My mom didn\'t know until the eve of the dance that she was very happy when she saw me at the dance, \"Jeyes revealed.
\"This dress means a lot to her, which makes it more special to me.
When she first saw her daughter in a sentimental costume, her mother, Dawn, was \"shocked and extremely flattered \".
\"Grace told me she already had a prom dress and didn\'t want to buy another one,\" her mother said . \".
\"I thought it would be one of the many clothes in her wardrobe, so I was very shocked when she came down in my wedding dress.
\"I was very flattered and felt like I had to have a decent stylish dress awareness to put her on in 20 years,\" she continued . \".
\"She has always liked my wedding dress, but I don\'t think she will ever wear it out.
\"That day, the dress also proved to be very popular, because the students of the teenagers gave their thumbs up.
\"My friends and teachers are praising my dress because it is different from other clothes, but no one believes it used to be a wedding stylish dress,\" added Jeyes . \".
Borrowing money from her mom\'s wardrobe also means she can now use her saved money for driving lessons.
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