teen raises money for hurricane irma victims by selling ad space on her prom dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-17
A thoughtful teenager in Floridaof-a-
On prom night, she sold the advertising space on her prom gown to raise money for Hurricane Irma victims.
Obri Garcia told the Naples News, \"I saw the destruction and people no longer have houses,\" he said of the storm of September 2017, which caused catastrophic damage in the Northeast reindeer and the Florida islands.
\"I feel very helpless and I want to do something,\" the teenager said . \". The 17-year-
An old boy from Naples who runs a cross
In the countryside of Golden Gate High School, she finds the inspiration for her dance costume movement from this sport, because she is often in T-
Shirt with advertisement.
Dad took the late son\'s girlfriend to the ball after the teen died in a car accident \"I would see a lot of people advertising behind their shirts and stuff like that, I think, what if I did that on the prom stylish dress?
Garcia recalled.
After getting approval from both parents and high school, Garcia contacted about 200 companies, large and small, for support.
If they are interested in sponsoring her, she promises to post 4 \"by 4\" ads for $100 or 6 \"by 6\" ads for $200, Fox 4 reports, as donations go directly to those struggling after Irma.
\"I sent a lot of letters, emails, and even went to knock on the door to donate,\" she said . \".
I wrote 200 letters. it was a lot.
Although Garcia reported that she had not received a response from a large company, local businesses and groups quickly invested $1,550 in donations, including Fox 4, the American boys and girls club, goodyear, Barron Colliers, remaining buildings, Maurizi family, S & J renovation and asset management solutions.
She decided to donate the funds raised to the Guadalupe Center, a non-profit organization in inImmokalee, California.
It aims to break the cycle of poverty through education.
\"Being able to successfully implement the idea and get the money to raise the money, like, I feel pretty inside and I feel like I can show this outside,\" the teenager said.
In April 28, Garcia started her stylish dress work before the big dance.
Buy a long black stylish dress and a white lace vest-
The high school student\'s fashion top from Amazon printed eight company logos on cloth paper, and she nailed them to a skirt near the hem.
\"It\'s a bit tricky.
\"I added the flash to make it look good,\" she told the Naples News . \".
Garcia, who enjoyed her masterpiece at the Hilton Naples hotel, said her classmates praised her for her looks.
\"They\'re all thinking, \'Why are you wearing a sign?
After they found out, though, most people thought it was a cool idea.
\"Everyone is stuck there at graduation and prom, what they want to wear.
The Guadalupe Center supports Garcia\'s friendly gesture.
\"On prom night, most students focus on hair, makeup, and transportation,\" Dawn Monte Carvo, chairman of the Guadalupe Center, said in a press release obtained by the Naples News.
\"She is more concerned about using this special night to create an opportunity to help the rest of the community.
She wants to convey a strong message that we need to go beyond ourselves.
Non-profit organizations choose Barbara Street.
Fleur is 2018 graduate of Immokalee High School, and because her laptop was damaged during the hurricane, she will receive funding for the new university laptop.
This fall, she will receive a full scholarship to attend the University of Acadia, Pennsylvania.
Follow us on FACEBOOK to learn more about Fox Lifestyle News Garcia further told Neapolitan news that the rest of the money will be used to build new homes for people who lost their homes in the storm.
She was also lucky enough to introduce St.
Fleur took her new HP laptop last week.
\"Unless a person is wearing inappropriate clothes, you usually don\'t hear about clothing or fashion, so it\'s amazing for her to use her prom costume for a good cause,\" StFleur said.
It looks like you can do well while looking good.
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