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by:Max Apparel     2020-06-20
VIRUDHUNAGAR: the supply of surgical bandages may be affected due to power failure, which is a vital life-saving product.
Manual loom and power loom owner of Chatrapati near Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar district, surgical dressing production center, used to produce 10 Rahman meters of bandage per day, only four metres per day due to power shortage.
On October 4, the owner of the small loom announced a strike condemning the power outage.
\"There was a power outage of 14 hours on Tuesday.
The production dropped from 200 m of surgical bandages per loom per day to 80 m.
We are also forced to add 12% of the input cost to the generator through diesel, \"said Maathuran, chairman of the Chatrapati small hand loom surgical dressing Manufacturers Association.
Located in the foothills of the Western gaoze mountains, this small town called Chatrapati has nearly 5,000 looms woven about 10 metres of surgical bandages every day, saved the lives of many people across the country and even some European countries.
\"The strike of the day is the first step.
If the situation does not improve, we will step up the protest . \"
Manufacturers seem to be aware of the power crisis across the state, but insist there should be a system to drive power outages.
\"We should be told the power outage time.
\"It takes 45 minutes for the yarn to be in place and start the actual spinning when we restart after each power cut,\" he noted . \".
Subramanian, chairman of the Society of Surgical dressing manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, said that since the establishment of the first surgical dressing department in Chatrapati in 1964, he has not seen such an industry crisis.
\"My unit turnover is Rs 40 per month.
But now, we are even trying to produce 20 rupees . \"The 100-
Odd units including 8 exits
Facing, monthly turnover is Rs 50 during heydays.
Manufacturers are concerned that they may lose to competitors if this continues.
\"There are manufacturers in places like Malegaon.
Due to our quality and competitive prices, we still manage to occupy the market in North India.
But if we can\'t meet the needs of buyers, we may lose the market, \"said G Muthu of Sundaram surgical products.
\"We used to produce 250 m per day with a loom and have now dropped to 100 m.
An Asokan from Sri Lanka\'s Arumuga Enterprise said: \"The profit margin is only five percentage points of the district, but we paid 12% of the additional input cost for the diesel generator and finally suffered the loss. He provided bandage to Bangalore. The worst-
The workers were affected, and they paid their wages with bandages every day.
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