student at centre of london, ont., dress code protest cheered as dozens protest

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-15
LONDON, Ont. —
More than 100 teenagers wore vests and muscle shirts to protest the dress code in Ont, London.
High school girls are sexy, they say.
Laura Anderson, 17, grade 12, sparked A protest Wednesday morning at. B.
Lucas Middle School.
On Monday, a vice principal, who thought her vest was inappropriate, was sent home.
\"We have nothing to be ashamed of on our shoulders,\" said 17-year-old Taylor Scott . \".
\"The dress code should not lower our self-esteem, nor should we be ashamed of our body,\" added Indira Nyamvumba, a 17-year-old friend.
Anderson said she was happy with the performance of support, and teenagers came together for the cause they believed in.
The boys were also involved in the operation.
Zac Paavola, 17, is wearing a muscle shirt.
\"When I first saw the top of the tank (
Anderson wore it on Monday)
I think, how is this not appropriate?
This is a way to express yourself.
Paavola said it is disrespectful to advise boys to be distracted by vests or bra straps.
\"We are not barbarians or beasts who see a girl and have to look down at her shirt,\" he said . \".
\"We can handle it ourselves.
\"The students said they were ready to be sent home to change but did not believe they would.
A head of the school board came to Lucas to make sure the day started smoothly. Supt.
Sheila Powell said the principal is setting up a student forum to discuss the dress code for next year.
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