Strawberry Wedding Theme

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-31
Do you have the theme of strawberry wedding?If so, then you will really like this one.There are many ways to use strawberries at your weddingAnd not always the actual fruit is needed.Strawberries can provide sweet taste, fruit flavor, popular color and cheerful atmosphere for any wedding.
You can use it in your invitation as a functional decoration on the reception desk, such as placing cards and wedding gifts.You can also incorporate them into your wedding dresses, bouquets and accessories.Of course, you can definitely add it to your wedding cake and wedding menu.
I\'m sure you\'ll find a way to use these sweets.tasting, sweet-It smells sweet.looking heart-shaped fruits.Your wedding invitation should state the type of wedding you are having --black-Formal, casual and other tiesTherefore, your guests will know what will happen and be prepared accordingly.Ideally, it should also reflect your wedding theme.
If you are having a strawberry wedding, the most obvious thing is to include the image of the fruit in your invitation letter.But if you don\'t want it to be too \"fruity\", you can choose to add the color of the strawberry to your invitation.Strawberries are red and pink.When using green as the second color, it produces a good combination of colors: strawberries are red/pink and leaves are green.
But don\'t limit yourself to green.
There are other colors that match well with strawberry tones.If you only use colors, you have more freedom to design with other elements such as flowers, geometric patterns, and anything you like.Just make sure your design still fits the mood of your wedding theme (if it\'s light, casual or more formal ).
The part where you can use strawberries best at a wedding is the reception.After all, the strawberry is a fruit that looks good on the wedding table, whether it\'s for food or decoration.While strawberries may be too sweet for the main course, strawberries are definitely perfect for drinks, salads and most desserts.
Of course, these cakes must be included in the wedding cake.The wedding offer is a small symbol of gratitude to your guests for coming to your wedding.They can also serve as a souvenir of your wedding and your family and friends will remember your wedding.
The easiest way is to give strawberry fruit as a wedding gift.If you like to cook for your friends, you can also make homemade strawberry jam and put it in a personalized mason jar.Again, you don\'t need to use the actual fruit.
For example, you can put the Candy and Candy in the sweet jar and box in the strawberry taste.Or this busy has nothing to do with strawberries.Use a container with style and design the label with strawberries to keep the theme matching.
Using strawberries in your wedding dress suit can be tricky.But with some ideas, you and the entire wedding party can show strawberry wedding themes through your clothes and accessories.Here we will look at how strawberries decorate the bride and the rest of the wedding party as part of their costume.
Bridesmaid dresses, like accessories, complement bridal dresses.If you have a strawberry wedding theme, Bridesmaids can echo the theme on their dresses (especially when brides choose not to wear strawberries ).Strawberries have a variety of red and pink colors that look like buds.
This makes it easy for them to fit into bridal bouquets, botuonnieres and other wedding accessories.Mix red (Strawberry) with white (flower-The color of strawberries and cream.Or pink and red.If you don\'t like the red color in the bouquet, you can even use the immature strawberries.
Strawberries and flowers are perfectly combined.You can have one too.More intense \"strawberry\" effect of strawberry bouquet.It looks just as beautiful.It may be challenging to use strawberries as part of hair accessories or hair accessories, but it is also very viable.
Eating too many strawberries can become strange and cheesy.But there are ways to make it look cute and stylish.The trick is to use less strawberries.Use them as accents, not the main focus of your hair accessories.
Strawberries are bright red when used with white flowers.If you don\'t want to put fruit on your hair, use strawberry-colored hair.If you are not able to use fruit and color, pick a hair accessory with a strawberry design.
Be cautious, but still add the flavor of strawberries, reflecting your wedding theme.Unless you\'re wearing a short wedding dress, you can go crazy in your wedding shoes.After all, they can all be hidden for the most part of your wedding.
Or, even if you are wearing a short wedding dress, you can still try these cute and very strawberry wedding shoes.They can provide an interesting detail for the wedding photographer.Of course, the highlight of the wedding wardrobe is the wedding dress.
While White and other traditional, safe colors remain the first choice for bridal dresses, more and more brides go against tradition and make bold statements with their dresses.The strawberry wedding theme center is over.Do you have any ideas for your wedding?Strawberry as a fruit, it is very sweet in appearance, smell and taste (this is my favorite fruit ).
You can definitely create a wonderful wedding theme from it.Instead of looking at it as a fruit, take advantage of its bright colors, sweet flavors and lovely hearts --Perfect for romantic occasions such as weddings.If you have a strawberry wedding theme or even if you are just thinking about it, I hope you will find this center helpful.
Happy wedding!.
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