sri lanka: extremists plan to dress in military uniform for new attacks, say security officials

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-27
Security officials in Sri Lanka have warned that Islamist militants behind Sunday\'s Easter suicide bombing are planning more attacks and may be dressed in military uniforms.
Security sources say militants attacked five sites today, and Archbishop Colombo complained about inadequate security around the church.
In a letter to the government and officials on Monday, the head of the security department of the Police Minister said: \"There may be another wave of attacks.
\"The relevant information further indicates that persons wearing military uniforms and using vans may be linked to the attack.
\"There were no attacks on Sunday, and there was no security for the entire Buddhist --
Most people in Sri Lanka have been strengthened.
Since the attack on hotels and churches in April 21, which killed more than 250 people, including 40 foreigners, dozens of suspected Islamic militants have been arrested.
According to the emergency law imposed after the attack, the government also banned women from wearing veils.
Muslim communities are concerned that the ban could escalate tensions among many parties. ethnic nation.
But government officials say it will help security forces determine the identity of any remaining attackers, and their support networks will continue to exist on the Indian Ocean islands.
The Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm langgith, said the security measures around the church were not strong enough.
\"We are not satisfied with the security arrangements and urge the authorities to ensure our safety,\" he told reporters . \".
Authorities suspect members of two lesser known groups
National Thawheedh Jamaath (NTJ)
And jamiur mirazu Ibrahim.
Although the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, the attack took place.
Prime Minister Rainier wickley Singh said,
There are many people involved, most of whom are close friends and family members.
They talk face to face. to-
Probably to avoid electronic surveillance.
\"They are small enough to meet each other instead of using normal communication,\" Wickremesinghe told Reuters . \".
He added that a coordinated explosion, the type of explosives used and the closely guarded plot indicated a guiding role for bombers.
\"ISIS claims we also think there must be some international ties,\" he said . \" He is referring to the Islamic State.
Authorities believe that Zahran Hashim, the founder of NTJ, is one of the nine suicide bombers.
A military source told Reuters that during the visit to the temple, the five sets of white clothing commonly worn by Buddhists were found from a safe house in the east, A gun battle on Friday killed Zahlan\'s father and his two brothers.
Hospital staff and police said his wife and daughter escaped the explosion due to minor injuries.
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