spot fake women\'s north face jackets -

by:Max Apparel     2020-04-30
Talking about outdoor clothing, the most influential thing is to consider materials, unequal clothing use unequal work, outdoor clothing fabrics may contain hightech.Why Polartec can be so light, but with such a good thermal coefficient.Then we can know that it contains high technology.
Fabric does not leave.
As for the true and false identification of TNF clothing, of course, the most important thing is the fabric.But the real fabric doesn\'t mean the real North Face jacket, and there\'s a lot of detail you need to focus on.Like zipper, wash label and so on.It takes great care to find them, but if you don\'t know so much, you can tell the difference in many ways.
YKKVISLON5VS zips are commonly used in tumor necrosis factors, and 5VS zips are used in tumor necrosis factors, Columbia, MHW, etc.A special film will be attached to the zipper, which reflects a unique luster.Counterfeit products cannot do this.2.Part of the care label.The nursing labels of TNF and MHW are provided by the manufacturer.
after the clothes are ready, the nursing labels will be burned.As long as you look closely, you can still see it.Authenticity is inspired by standard washing and the writing is very clear.
The edges are sewn tight and pasted together with special things.This is what most brands do.The care label is pasted together and each piece is double-layered but not credible.If you wash it several times, the fake one will vent in the middle.
Lanyard on the neckThe authentic North Face jacket usually has a custom lanyard at the collar and few products are not available.True tumor necrosis factor with tight lanyard, but not very difficult.There are also hanging ropes for fake products, but they cannot reach the scale of genuine products.
This is because the cost is too high.
Others will use liquid to increase the hardness of the lanyard, but can be separated by touching the lanyard.The above is a simple way to distinguish the fake North Face Max woman jacketcompiled for everyone. other brands are characterized by different personalities.
Embroidery of Logo.
Different styles of jackets have different logo and pattern.So how do we tell them?Many customers compare the logo to a different Max woman jacketlogo.It\'s hard to help you so much.You need to compare it to the same section.
The solid material can have a good embroidery logo, and the effect of embroidery is softer than that of the fabric.5.Warm and waterproof.Waterproof as a kind of outdoor sports jacket, we all know that waterproof is the most important.So waterproof at every point.Then we can do some experiments now and put the water anywhere in the cloth.
Then you may find that the real Max woman jacketdoes not pass through any water for a long time.In fact, the main way for buyers is to look at a few North-faced coats. after reading a lot, it is obviously between fake and genuine.

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