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by:Max Apparel     2020-06-16
We are known for women with curves, so where is the plus sign model on the ramp?
Although the international fashion show is criticized for its thin models, it still makes way for curvier women, even if they are independent fashion shows of \"large size clothing\" whose models are called positive size models.
However, experts say that in the fashion sector in India, parallel does not exist because our models are already on the curve compared to the \"thin\" mainstream models in the West.
Like a heavy female, plus size is a fashion category, and despite the shops catering to the audience, it hasn\'t appeared on the ramp here yet.
\"The model needs some type of body, which is more or less suitable for each piece of clothing.
But the model of weight gain is still able to carry it because of the presence of their command.
Until a few years ago, the models we had and we thought were normal were considered huge abroad.
Now, they have turned to the 10 th, or even the 12 th, to include the Queen size clothing.
Some designers have also shown models on the 14 th, but this is just for a statement, \"said Aparna Bahl, fashion director.
\"However, we followed the standard rules, and our minimum standard was number 8, but slowly it became number 6, then number 4, and finally number zero.
I don\'t even know what the size of zero means.
But then there was an argument about anorexia for women, and gradually we went back to a more normal size.
Going extreme size is a very Western trend and I don\'t think it will work in India.
We have a lot of sexy women, but look at the movies and that\'s what everyone is paying attention to, where we still have women trying to get slimmer.
\"That\'s one of the reasons why plus size, whatever is now considered abroad, will not work in India,\" she added . \".
Designer Nandita Basu, after judging several model auditions, thought it would be interesting to increase the size, but not something that is ready for the new market in India.
\"Increasing the scale can be an interesting trend.
People in India can do a show like this with a view to the target audience, but I don\'t think we\'re ready for anything --fledged.
This may be because Indian fashion is in its infancy.
\"It\'s a very old industry abroad and they come up with different ways and different trends,\" she said . \".
The presence of ramps is more important than weight. \"The procedure for choosing a model for a particular fashion show depends on whether you want an Indian style or a Western style.
Now designers want an international look, so I want to say that the important thing is height, walking, bone structure, and the most important thing is X.
Fashion Dance Guide Asha Kocchar said: \"Large size models can be a trend if you sell clothing for specific target customers, but they don\'t work for all the shows.
The maximum model can be 36-28-36 frame.
At the same time, there is no such hard rule.
Some models who have been away for a long time may have gained some weight, but they have a huge stage presence.
Nayanika Chatterjee has been away for 20 years and still has a great body and great presence.
Others may not be the traditional size, but they did pass because of their presence.
Also, choreographer Liza Varma believes young models can\'t take off their custom clothes because they are more refined and heavy.
\"Sonalika\'s naanica experience (Sahay), Jesse (Randhawa)and Carol (Gracias)
Need to take off a set of high fashion.
Young models can\'t do that.
\"You need grace, stability and experience,\" she said . \".
When we asked Aparna at the recent Fashion Week about the presence of ramps and the apparent weight gain of model Trivedi models, she said, \"There are a lot of models that gain or decrease weight, but in the end, what matters is their elegance and stage performance.
\"Lisa, on the other hand, feels different.
\"For a model, I definitely don\'t think you can gain weight.
\"There are so many children in life that nothing seems to happen,\" she told us . \".
Asha added that you went out without walking, \"If you are tall, thin, beautiful, but can\'t walk, you will just be a pole that goes down the ramp, \"Models are basically hangers that show clothes, but it doesn\'t make sense if they can\'t show them properly.
Liza added, \"the basic problem we face is that we have beautiful faces but don\'t have the right height or they can\'t walk.
You can be thin, but what\'s the point if you can\'t walk?
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