Should You Buy or Rent Your Wedding Dress?

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-09
The price of wedding dresses often has Brides-to-be gawking.As a result, more and more people choose to rent clothes instead of spending a lot of money.But how practical is this?Don\'t you want to wear your own clothes for your big day?The debate continues.
..Can\'t you choose between purchase or lease?Choose to buy pre-But their own clothes.You won\'t spend a bomb, and after the wedding, you can do whatever you want with it at will.Pragmatic and money today-Thoughtful brides are always looking for a way to have a wonderful wedding without spending half of the Earth.
Wedding dress is one of the most expensive items on any bride\'s wedding budget --to-be.However, it does not have to do so again.Have you ever thought about renting a wedding dress instead of buying one?Or will emotions make you better and lead to really expensive purchases?Wedesence shows you the pros and cons of renting and buying wedding dresses.Browse what each option offers and what is not, and make a choice.
A few years ago, no bride would have thought renting a dress for her wedding was even an option.The thought of wearing a dress that may already be worn by more than 3 brides will shudder.Oh the horror!But today, she will consider it with an open mind.
Here\\\'s why.
It\'s not just wedding dresses, everything around us is getting more expensive over time.So it makes sense wherever you save.Rented wedding dresses can save a lot of (very valuable) money from your wedding budget.You can use the money you save to buy a new house, a honeymoon or anything else you want to buy.
Renting can make the designer\'s wedding dress more affordable, as it can be reduced to almost a tenth of the retail price.Rent usually charges a high margin and damage deposit, but it is worth it when you take back those.In addition to the cost, another benefit offered by the rented wedding dress is the relief from finding the right and safe storage space for it.
If you are a person who is constantly moving, dragging a huge box with a dress you will never wear again, it seems like an unnecessary, completely avoidable inconvenience, not really?Although renting now seems to be a good choice for you, pay attention to the following points and understand why you should think twice before renting a house.This is probably the biggest drawback of rented clothes.Although most leases are filled with the latest designs and designers, it is really inadequate.
So even if you decide to rent a house, it is possible that you will not be able to find the dress.Since you will return the clothes and others may wear them again, the rental shop will ask you to take a lot of precautions.The first and probably the most heartbreaking thing is the limited possibility of change.
You can\'t modify the look of the skirt at will.Some rents may not even be allowed to be changed.In this case, if you find the dress you dream of but the size is not for you, you will rent another one or go and see if you can find one to buy it?Most rental stores will charge you an expensive deposit when you rent your clothing for very obvious reasons.
If the dress is damaged when returned, it is taken directly from the deposit.If the dress is too damaged to be repaired, you may end up having to buy it.All the money you plan to spend on your honeymoon is spent.
Not to say it\'s hard to be careful with your clothes, but honestly, do you really want something as mundane as a wine spill in your mind on your big day?That\'s why most brides like to buy wedding dresses.The wedding market will never die.There will always be great designers to design beautiful dresses for beautiful brides.Therefore, the range and variety of wedding dresses purchased cannot be matched by leasing at all.
And it doesn\'t have to be too expensive.
There are many shops and websites offering high prices for wedding dresses.You must be resourceful enough to find them.The biggest benefit of buying a wedding dress is that you can buy your dream wedding dress in a larger size than you and modify it to perfection.
Add or remove any decorations you want or don\'t want;This dress is yours, so you can do whatever you want with it.This dress is yours.If your drunken cousin does spill a glass of red wine on it, this is your problem and you can fix it the way it works best for you.You don\'t have a second question to answer.
The cost of cleaning up the wine leak is definitely lower than the margin or brand new dress, isn\'t it?We mean, you don\'t have to worry about one thing because you have this dress and can handle it in any way you want.Most brides buy a dress for their feelings.Wearing some beautiful clothes on the happiest day of your life is what any bride wants and being able to pass it on to your daughter is one of the most cherished emotions of the mother.
But fashion has changed.
what if your daughter doesn\'t wear it?First of all, since this is your dress, it can be modified in an awesome way to adapt to the trend (whatever it was at the time ).Cut it short, remove the sleeve and paint it another color. There are many things that can make your wedding dress more modern.
She can always use the part she wants, some lace at the waist, or some rhinestones at the neck.She needs something old, doesn\'t she?You can choose to sell it even if she doesn\'t.There are also many traps in buying a wedding dress.
Here are some of the most important.
Let\'s admit that we all want more space at home.With the rapid reduction of the size of the family, the storage space per square inch is precious.Now imagine that the big box with your wedding dress takes up the space you can easily use for something you intend to use more frequently.
Unless you intend to renew your vows every 5 years (tentatively), will you still wear a wedding dress?No, right?So, wouldn\'t it make more sense not to have it for so many years?Renting a wedding dress or buying a wedding dress is a personal choice.While most traditional brides will buy one, more practical brides will choose to rent one.It all depends on what decision you will make: money or your heart.
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