should people really dress for the job they want, not the job they have?

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-26
How much does the old adage \"wear the job you want, not the job you have\" make sense?
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Entrepreneur, investor, consultant Bernie kellind\'s answer on Quora: one of the most powerful and influential career advice I have received is to treat every day of work as a job interview.
Whether you like it or not, you are constantly being evaluated and re-evaluated
Evaluated by people around you.
How you dress at work signals how you look at the environment, how much respect you have for your work and yourself, what group you identify with, where do you think you belong
So if you stylish dress more like your desired peers than your peers, you send a strong signal that you belong to this group.
In addition, management generally believes that you may not be well suited to deal with greater responsibility if you can\'t handle small things.
Simply put: If you don\'t even wear your own clothes well, then you can\'t handle a lot of other things.
As a consultant, I see this every day in several Fortune 500 companies.
In the early days of my career, I wore the same thing as all the other IT guys: kha pants and polo shirts.
I then met a senior consultant who became my mentor who insisted on getting me to throw away my polo shirt and start to dress more like the manager and staff I was eager.
Just a simple change to better casual pants, more formal shoes and a button long sleeve shirt has had a huge impact on the way people see and treat me.
Within a few months, I was quickly promoted to an area of increasing responsibility.
I work at another consulting company in a few years and the company has a simple policy that we will follow the dress code of senior leaders (
CIO and his team)
Not an engineer.
So we often wear dress shirts and ties at work.
Working side by side with us is another highly paid consultant who works directly for a large software vendor.
He is an actual subject matter expert in the technology being deployed, and his hourly rate is much higher than ours.
However, he always comes to work every day wearing a vendor\'s polo shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.
He even asked me, \"How do you always dress up?
Why are you wearing a tie?
I explained our policy and he sneered and said proudly, \"I\'m an engineer and I don\'t want anyone to think I\'m someone else . \".
Well, he\'s right. nobody did.
During the project there were some problems and every time the CIO walked past this guy and asked us for advice --
Over and over again
Even at meetings where we are all sitting on the same table, his opinion seems less important to the management and key decision makers of the client.
He was the only one in a polo shirt in these meetings and he still didn\'t get the hint.
He is suggesting that he is not a decision maker.
When the problem arises, there is no weight in his explanation.
He lost credibility every meeting.
Needless to say, that supplier has been on this project for a long time.
I work with Fortune 500 executives every day.
The days of working in suits and ties are basically reserved for the banking and legal industries, but almost every company has a degree of expertise. (
Note: I realized that Silicon Valley culture is easier and more casual. ceo wear t-
Shirts and shorts.
But in addition to the tech reality bubble, it\'s important how you dress in most professional working environments. )
Regardless of the level of the organization I am involved in, I always get my hints from senior management.
Casual pants and button shirts are my standard outfit, which is typical in today\'s executive ranks.
If a customer has a casual day on Friday, I will wear a dress shirt and jeans.
I may wear casual pants with polo in hot weather.
But no jeans or polo ever.
In the post-hours event, I still try to be the best dress within the expectations of this occasion.
Clean shoes, never untie half of the tie (
You look like you\'re drunk)
Always press the shirt.
Never be the first to roll up your sleeves.
If you take your appearance seriously, people will take you seriously (
If your behavior matches).
Once again, treat each day like an interview and pay attention to what it feels like to see you.
You don\'t have to dress up for others, but you should dress up appropriately in terms of corporate culture.
Or my tutor would say \"stylish dress like an organ grinder, not a monkey.
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