should angelina jolie wear a white wedding dress?

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-19
Speculation about what Angelina Jolie will wear to attend her upcoming wedding with longtime partner Brad Pitt is very effective.
The biggest problem
Will the bride wear white when traveling along the aisle for the third time?
The tradition of Western brides wearing white clothes has a complicated history.
On the wedding day of 1559, Queen Mary of Scotland was dressed in white.
She went against the tradition at the time, because in France, White was considered a mourning color for the royal family.
When Queen Victoria got married in 1840, she really started the white wedding machine.
She wore a white satin dress with white lace and matching veil.
The portrait of Queen Victoria on this dress has been widely spread and has created a trend.
In the 19 th century, White\'s marriage began to mean wealth.
Because white clothes are hard to clean and reuse.
Only with the passage of time will the person wearing a white wedding dress become pure.
In modern times, the debate about wearing a white wedding dress is aimed at women who have married before or who already have children.
During her first two trips, Julie largely rejected tradition.
When she married Jonny Lee Miller in 1996, she was wearing a pair of rubber pants and a T-shirt.
It is reported that Jonny\'s name is written on the back of the shirt worn in her blood.
On 2000, Julie had her second wedding with Billy Bob Thornton, wearing simple vests and jeans.
In recent years, Julie\'s image has undergone a major change (
Praise her designer Jennifer Rado\'s super
Looks elegant recently)
Most people predict that this time will be a big difference for the stars.
Especially now she has six children.
Pamela DeVos, designer of the Pamela Roland Collection brand, said she thought Julie would wear white.
\"At first, I thought she wouldn\'t wear white because White was so pure, but she had children and those children would want her to wear white,\" DeVos said . \".
\"This is a wedding dress.
Other people think that stars may go in different directions.
Countless non
Recently, white wedding dress was displayed at 2013 Spring Bridal Fashion Week.
Wang Weiwei presented a series of dresses in red and burgundy.
Oscar de la lunta presents a collection of floral and pastel dresses.
\"I can see Angelina taking the risk and wearing a red wedding dress,\" said bride editor Anne fulenbroad, who told the recent trend to avoid a white wedding.
If Julie does not choose a white wedding stylish dress, she will become a good celebrity company.
Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black wedding dress at her 1997 wedding with Matthew Broderick
Even though she told Harper Bazaar in 2009, \"I still regret it \").
Reese Witherspoon wore a pink wedding dress when she got married for the second time last year.
Star stylist Rachel Zoe predicted to Celebuzz, \"she is [Jolie]
She will do anything. feels]
I am definitely the most comfortable because she is comfortable with herself.
I believe it will be very elegant.
\"For those of you who are so fussing about Julie\'s upcoming wedding and costume choices, consider this --
The American wedding industry earns about $40 billion a year and spends a lot of money on wedding dresses and accessories.
In the next few years, Julie\'s clothes will be copied, which means a big deal for the wedding industry.
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