shoppers are left baffled by bizarre £68 \'bubble wrap\' dress sold by asos

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-15
Nude fashion is popular with celebrities on the red carpet, but ASOS shoppers are confused after seeing a landscape
The dress on the website looks like it was made in foam wrap.
\"Tired of sequin mesh beach dres all over London\" is currently available on the site for £ 68 and there are still products of all sizes.
It is described online as \"a sweet look to climb up from the ground\"
London is tired of being cool.
But consumers have not wasted time criticizing the dress on social media, calling it a \"major shopping failure,\" while another consumer believes the brand \"needs to focus on their products \".
\"Oh, the huge retailer has failed and has to go through people\'s bins and roll up all the Amazon bubble packs to do that,\" someone wrote . \".
\"Jade and Grant Gurden
The founder of tired London told the Daily Mail: \"We are happy that people have a huge interest in our products --
We try to be the most cutting-edge in design.
As a brand, we create statements for trendsetters, not fashion followers.
They continued: \"The dress is unique and completely handmade --
We know this style will turn people around!
Fashion should create dialogue and attract attention, that\'s what this stylish dress does.
\"We stick to innovative, Bold and Fresh brand spirit and are happy to see many influencers rocking our designs at Coachella over the weekend, including this project.
\"Tired of London\'s sequins mesh beach dress looks like it was created as a beach cover, in pure style, \'Sequins-
Decorative design.
\"This product has a cow neck and a thin strap with a thin cut and can be seen almost completely --through.
The brand even suggests it\'s similar to sequined head-to-
The toe of the superstar Beyonce.
The pop star wore sequins from Givenchy to meet the Met gala in 2015.
The description of the stylish dress looks like it\'s nodding and says, \"if Beyoncé does this --to-
You know you\'re doing a good thing.
But consumers were not convinced of the product, so they criticized it on social media. \'£68 for this! ?
If the model looks awkward wearing it, that\'s my refusal.
\"It is estimated that I have some foam packaging somewhere that looks similar,\" one netizen commented online . \".
Does anyone want to go out in a dress that looks like a bubble wrap? Another wrote.
Another comment said: \"asos really needs to look at their products! ? What on earth! ?
\"Others were critical of the price and posted a smiling emoji next to the comment, like: \'68, it looks like you\'re in bubble wrap!
He wrote ironically that the article looked like an \"absolute bargain \".
\"When you try to get rid of clothes packed with foam, I\'m sure ASOS will have a sale,\" one shopper wrote . \".
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