shapely adults find baby dolls flattering : the sheer fabrics of these high-waist, low-neckline dresses show off the wearer\'s silhouette, and they can come in anything from a victorian to \'60s chic look.

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-18
They are called dolls, but you will not find them hanging in the underwear.
Of course, many of them look like pajamas, with their silk, look-
Low neckline and thigh through fabric
But these dolls are not pajamas.
Baby Doll is a general term for clothing with complete, smooth contours.
\"Technically this is a floating dress-
It floats from the body, usually very short, \"says Holly Sharp of Costa Mesa.
See her doll collection as a fashion designer in one of the hottest new street looks.
\"These clothes have a very high waist and a very low neck, just like Napoleon\'s wife Josephine wore,\" Sharp said . \".
\"I always liked the silhouette.
I was one of the first designers to make dolls and now we sell a lot of dolls.
\"In fact, since launching the doll 18 months ago, Sharp says she has sold about 30,000 of her clothing.
\"I started selling them very high --
Fashion shops on Melrose Avenue, and then block bought them and blew them out, \"she said.
\"Now I want to sell it to all the major chain stores.
\"In Orange County, the owner of the boutique can hardly keep the doll in stock.
\"All my dolls go fast,\" says Ross Leton, owner of the Dana Point rose Leiden contemporary sportswear boutique.
\"My customers are a little more fashionable --
The striker wants them very much.
Sharp designed her first doll while looking forward to her child.
\"When I was pregnant, I would wear dolls and get a lot of compliments on the street,\" she said . \".
It is their pure fabric that makes dolls of almost no shape look like pregnant women.
Thin film material like chiffon is a popular choice for doll designers, which can show the slender outline.
Anyone who wants to hide a few pounds under these materials will be disappointed.
\"Baby Doll is very strong for the body --
Laura Downing, the owner of Laura, said: \"conscious customers-
Unique Boutique in Laguna Beach, her dolls are sold out for the time being.
To be modest, Sharp added a stylish dress under her skirt, but women found other ways to wear dolls without revealing too much.
Some people wear their dolls on cat clothes.
A single item that clings to the body like a huge sock.
Others wear them on lace leggings and tight denim shorts and vests.
Dolls can be interpreted in endless ways.
\"They remind me of how Shirley Temple looks,\" Sharp said . \".
Many of her designs have \"really big, fun, loose collar\", loose sleeves and imperial waist.
One of her dolls is dressed in pure black jockeys with red and orange flowers, wide and pointed collar, V-
Neck, empire waist and short skirt.
The doll is priced at $170 at the Block Shop in Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza.
Some of Sharp\'s designs look like something in The Great Gatsby.
\"She made a pure black or white transparent doll with long sleeves, a soft collar and a drop-off --
The waist skirt below the knee is priced at $194 at the block restaurant.
The same style is the floral pattern with red, purple and golden flowers printed on the ivory background.
Her other old-
The vintage doll is white with a bow fastener on the front and a soft pleated stylish dress at the waist for $150.
\"When I design styles for them, I think they are Victorian,\" Sharp said . \".
Some styles have pearl buttons and scoop neck lines on the front.
Other dolls look in their 60 s, thanks to more prints and those short and short skirts. One short-
The long sleeve style of Bon Chic Bon Genre is made of a multi-color transparent fabric with a tiedyed look.
The doll sells for $88 at block.
Rose LeDonne carries a sleeveless doll in white or black artificial silk for $98 with a short and plump skirt and large buttons on the front.
Elizabeth Rogiani Los Angeles
Designers who design tank costumes also have a smooth range of chiffon car dolls.
\"I need a softer silhouette to decorate the stretch lace,\" Rogiani said . \".
\"I want something loose but feminine.
\"Rogiani has done a lot of experiments on this silhouette, designing baby dolls with the short bumpy bottom edges of the first few inches, and switching from bold flower patterns to smaller flowers,
\"By adding different accessories, dolls can go from punk to romance.
\"You can wear crochet sweaters and trendy big black shoes with small white socks,\" Rogiani said . \".
\"Western-style feeling in your 70 s, you can wear cowboy boots.
I have seen a lot of women wearing high shoes and peace signs.
Others wore a big cross around their necks.
\"Some women wear heavy pendant necklaces and shoulder duster earrings.
\"The doll is simple, like a canvas,\" Rogiani said . \".
\"You can draw what you want on it.
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