san francisco airport vending machine selling $50 uniqlo vests to silicon valley finance bros racks up $10,000 a month

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-26
An vending machine at San Francisco airport sells warm vests to Silicon Valley Financial brothers every month for up to $10,000. The Uniqlo-
Brand machines sell about 200 of the $50 vest each month.
Down jackets have become informal uniforms for Silicon Valley venture capitalists, who often avoid buckles --
Wall Street suits prefer casual.
Amazon CEO and Investor Jeff Bezos is often seen in Silicon Valley wearing down jackets or wool vests.
But for anyone who arrives in San Francisco without the \"San Francisco financial brothers\" vest, this popular vending machine means they can adapt without even leaving the airport.
Others say that compared to the rest of California, this machine is also helpful for tourists who don\'t realize how cold San Francisco is, with summer temperatures hovering in the middle50s and high-60s.
Uniqlo began selling clothes from vending machines at airports and shopping centers across the United States last year, called \"Go to Uniqlo \".
These machines usually store two of Japan\'s most popular retailers; a thermal heat-tech T-shirt ($14. 90)
And a light down jacket ($69. 90)
An array of colors.
But Silicon Valley\'s love for thermal vests has allowed the company to add their men\'s ultra-light down jackets, which usually retail for $49.
90. go to San Francisco airport.
It soon became the highest in the world.
Its rental tenants operate vending machines at the airport.
Yakel told Business Insider that this is the first time we have sold clothing from a vending machine and we think it is very unique.
The unusual vending machine caught the eye of a range of entrepreneurs who shared a photo of it with the caption: \"sfo has an under-vest vending machine to visit VCs.
Others joked that it should be named \"investment\" in order to reflect its target market, while others thought it looked like a potential new investment plan.
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