Royal wedding dress codes and what guests would and dare not wear!

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-11
May 19 is circled on the calendar and your alarm clock will wake up early.If you count down before the royal wedding, chances are you\'re not only wondering which white dress and diamond headwear the bride will choose, but all the guests (royalty!Celebs!Socialites!) In-store wardrobe-wise.Unlike most of the ceremonies in the country, the British upper class must comply with a strict set of rules when choosing special clothing.We have seen a snapshot of the official invitation, specifying \"uniform, dressing or casual\" for him, specifying \"morning clothes with hats\" for her \".But what exactly does that mean?Before the vision of fascinators and top hats begins to dance in your mind, we seek advice from experts to decipher this tricky dress code and wardrobe for those who are fortunate enough to be guests listAmy Bilby, editor of Bride of today, and Alison McGill, editorin-Director of wedding bells, break the etiquette tips you need to know for a stylish voyage on the big days of Meghan and Harry.Please explain the difference between men\'s morning clothes and casual clothes.Amy bilby (AB): It\'s OK to get a morning dress from the tuxedo.Tuxedo, or blackThe tie for the wedding in the morning was a little too formal.When you hear casual wear, you may think of polyester or crushed velvet sportswear.This is not the case.Because there is no better way to say, casual clothes are just an ordinary old suit.In all cases, the color of the suit should be dark.Alison McGill (morning): \"morning dress\" refers to the royal wedding dress of the formal stylish dress of the day event.Dresses are formal clothes that we usually think of, but they are actually designed for evening events.The morning gown consists of a black or gray cut tail dress with a single buckle and a peak lapels.It goes with gray or black striped trousers, and the vest is usually light gray or light yellow, usually a single bed with lapels.Shirt style is a white lapels with 4-The handmade tie is usually gray with subtle patterns.\"Casual suit\" is the British representative of the classic men\'s suit.More Meghan Markle and royal weddings will break new ground, but the tradition will not \"go out of the window\" video jessi Cruickshank will talk to the children about royal weddings, what accessories do men usually wear at royal weddings?AB: men usually wear delicate ties.No crazy prints and bright colors.The same is true of socks.Novel socks with Prince Harry\'s face may not be well worn.Hats, white pockets, gloves and crutches are common and acceptable accessories. code for a day.What does that mean in terms of print, skirt and tie?AB: The skirt should be conservative and not too far above the knee.Printing is acceptable but not too muchthe-The top and neck should not be revealed too much.AM: In modern times, the rules of everyday dress are somewhat relaxed, which means that the skirt can vary from a shorter knee skimming length to a midi and maxi dress, but the key is to keep the look neat and sharp, not too dazzling, not too exposedGuests don\'t want the bride to shine!Subtle print and report colors are absolutely acceptable.Does anyone dare to wear white?Or black?Guests should not wear white clothes.According to Britain\'s long tradition, this is a hidden rule dating back to Queen Victoria, who wore a white lace gown at her wedding.No one wants to surpass the bride.While some women are against it, I am very skeptical if anyone will be lucky at the royal wedding.AM: this is unlikely because these are clear rules for the royal wedding style!The dark-toned navy always looks elegant (Victoria Beckham wears the Navy at Kate and William\'s wedding), and the light-colored pastel is a great choice for a soft, airy tone.What are the right shoes?Do all women have to wear socks?When it comes to shoes, close-The way to go is the toe, the high heels should not be higher than two or 3 inch.Sky-High heels on the table.AM: It was not necessary to wear socks 20 years ago, but with the appearance of Royal functional clothing, the rules were relaxed again.Should avoid revealing your toes or anything that is too tied.Look forward to seeing many chic, classic pumps at various heel heights.In terms of hats, what can we expect?Is it attractive?Interestingly, when it comes to all aspects of the stylish dress code for royal weddings, the subtleties are the key --Besides the hat!Large, colorful and beautifully decorated hats are encouraged.Charming people are acceptable, but they must be impressive.It\'s kind of like \"-bigger-the-Better philosophy when it comes to headwear.AM: headwear is always the best part of the royal wedding!This is where you can have a little fun with your appearance and inject some personal style into it (but don\'t be too crazy, we still remember the famous charm of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie at Kate and William\'s wedding!).They absolutely meet the requirements and are a lightweight, modern and stylish hat replacement.If you are unable to obtain crown jewelry, you suggest jewelry --wise?AB: It\'s not wrong to be subtle and classic.Morning: Pearl is perfect for royal weddings during the day and there are a lot of gorgeous and different pearls right now.Pearl earrings with different styles and bead sizes can also be considered as a bold statement.The brooch is also a perfect accessory.Wear an iconic one or bring together a few smaller ones.Get a stylish tip from the Queen!Do attendees also need to pay attention to the rules of other styles?AB: women can wear suits.I even heard that it is acceptable to wear a jumpsuit.This is a reflection of Megan\'s fashion-forward style.
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