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by:Max Apparel     2020-07-22
Since the royal wedding, the official wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been held on Saturday and everyone is talking about it.
Even before the wedding dress designer was announced, rumors of Megan\'s wedding dress had spread on the Internet.
Now that her wedding dress has been revealed, the Givenchy dress she wears will surely become a memorable fashion moment.
Like Kate Middleton and the late Lady Diana\'s wedding gate, Megan\'s mobile train didn\'t disappoint us.
Following in the footsteps of the royal family, Meha also worked with a British female designer to attend the royal wedding.
Over the past 40 years, the British royal family has held three big weddings.
Like every time, we can\'t take our eyes off the dress.
Here are the most beautiful wedding dresses worn by members of the royal family, including the new bride Megan Markle: Duchess of Sussex: Ms. Megan Markle.
Meghan Markle\'s wedding dress was designed by renowned British designer Claire wait Keller. Ms.
Last year, Waight Keller became the first female art director of French Givenchy fashion.
Loyal to the tradition of the house, use six carefully placed seams to achieve pure lines of the skirt.
The focus of this dress is to gracefully outline the shoulders and emphasize the graphic open boat neckline of the slender carved waist.
The lines of this skirt extend to the back, where the train flows with soft round folds, buffered by a three-silk skirt. The slim three-
The quarter sleeves add a refined modern touch.
After extensive research by Ms.
At textile mills across Europe, Waight Keller has developed an exclusive double bonded silk cady.
The Silk cady is perfect for the round sculpture look required, with a soft matte finish, while combining the pure white color of the craft and the choice of the MSMarkle and Ms.
Waight Keller brought a new modern feeling to the dress. Ms.
Markle expressed the hope that all 53 countries in the Commonwealth would attend the ceremony with her. Ms.
Waight Keller designed a veil that represents the unique plants of each Commonwealth country, one in a spectacular floral combination.
The veil is fixed by the diamond bandeau tiara lent by Queen Mary to Ms. Mary.
Queen\'s Markle
Diamond bandeau is made in the UK and made in 1932. the center brooch dates back to 1893.
Duchess of Cambridge: Catherine Middleton Sarah Burton, who works for Alexander McQueen\'s house, designed a wedding dress for Catherine Middleton and Prince William\'s wedding. on April 29, 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at Westminster Abbey.
The ivory satin corset is slightly padded on the hips and narrowed at the waist, inspired by the Victorian corsetry tradition, a signature unique to Alexander McQueen.
The corset combines floral patterns cut from the machine
The lace was then made by the workers of the Royal needlework school, based at Hampton Court Palace, in silk online decals.
On the back is 58 buttons for garsa and ogansa, which are fastened through Rouleau loops.
, skirt trim, and bridal train also incorporate lace decals in the same way.
The body of the stylish dress was made of ivory and white satin Gaza, using a British fabric specially purchased by Sarah Burton with a long dress designed to echo an open flower, the soft folds spread out onto the floor to form a Victorian stylestyle semi-
Busy in the back, ending on a short train less than three metres long.
Princess of Wales: handmade embroidery by little mother Diana Spencerof-
Pearl sequins and pearls centered on heart-shaped patterns create a dazzling effect in a romantic, full atmosphere
Skirting wedding dress of ivory silk taffta with lace flower pieces on the neckline and sleeves, by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to the Prince of Wales on July 1981
Fitted bodice with embroidered lace paneling (
The lace is Queen Mary\'s.
The waist, hem and long train are decorated with more pearls and sequins of lace.
The veil of her ivory silk tulle is reflected in her mother. of-
Pearl sequins hosted by Spencer\'s family diamond headwear.
Pearl and sequin embroidery are repeated on your hands --
Ivory silk slippers.
Queen: Elizabeth I, Rose of York
Embroidered with over 10,000 pearls and crystals, is a prominent feature of the Queen\'s daughter (
Princess Elizabeth)
Wedding dress in November 1947.
The dress was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell, who cited the painting Primavera by portticelli as an inspiration for design, and Primavera symbolizes the arrival of spring.
An expanded dress of ivory Duchesse satin under a heart-shaped corset
The shape of the neckline and long tight sleeves are embroidered with rose garlands, and the raised pearls are dotted with wheat ears, crystals and pearls.
Around the entire hem, the borders of orange flowers are affixed with transparent tulle, outlining the outline in the seed pearls and crystals.
A pearl and diamond headwear hung on the white dress. The fan-
The 14 feet long transparent ivory silk tulle shaped train ends with a deep border of embroidered roses and wheat patterns.
In April 27, 1882, Princess Helena married Queen Victoria\'s youngest son, Prince Leopold, at St. George\'s Church in Windsor Castle.
Helena\'s dress was sewn in Paris, made of white satin, decorated with traditional orange flowers and Myrtle and decorated with hibiscusde-lis.
The dress is again covered with a dot d\'alençon lace.
The long tulle veil is secured by a diamond headdress and a wreath of orange flowers and myrtle.
Queen Victoria: Queen Alexandra Victoria, who shares weal and woe with Queen Mary I, a Queen\'s ruler, married after she joined, April 10, 1840, she wore simple clothes to attend the royal church with the Palace of St. James.
Her dress is made of white satin and comes with a deeper Holystone lace.
Nailed to off-the-
The shoulder neckline is a brooch given to her by Prince Albert as a wedding gift: a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds.
Her earrings and necklaces are also made of diamonds.
On her head, she wore only an orange wreath and a lace veil, not the expected crown.
Photo/input: www. royal. uk/wedding-
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