retro looks, almost at retro prices

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-27
Stephanie Rosen Bloom
25. 2010 suits echoing the Glam Rock era, skirts in the era of \"advertisers\", simple military coats, luxurious fur: This fall, the look presented by the designers can satisfy every retro fashion fantasy you have.
That said, if you can afford brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Mark Jacobs, Balman, Chanel and Gucci.
On the other hand, I can\'t.
So I decided to go to my favorite New York thrift store and find some original inspiration for a fraction of the cost of 2010 thrift stores.
I think that would be a breeze.
But, while checking out some of the cheap 1970 suits, I started to worry that walking around in one dress would make me look like I was on my way to a Halloween party.
Chatting with a fashion colleague confirmed my suspicions.
I asked if it would be wise to pinch pennies on such a thing.
She wrinkled her nose and shook her head strongly.
It\'s terrible.
There are too many advertisements for Glam Rock.
Instead, I went back to the past and focused on finding an affordable version of one of my favorite vintage looks: the 1950 s skirt, highlighting their wearer\'s wasp waist --
It will cost thousands of dollars in Saks and Deman. (
Although I can also browse the military-
Stylish jacket, I already have a couple and my goal is not to equip a row.
However, if you buy one in the market, the cheap version is everywhere. )
Step 1 of advertising: You have to realistically look at how much money you will save through vintage.
For example, on a recent afternoon at an outpost in the designer consignment chain Ina in Manhattan, Thakoon\'s luxurious black dress cost $150.
It\'s not cheap though it\'s much cheaper than a new Thakoon dress, which is usually around $400.
On the Web, search for \"1950\" on Etsy \".
Com has many vintage varieties with folds and high waist in a variety of colors and interesting patterns, for about $30. On eBay.
Com, you can buy vintage dress for less moneyaround $20 —
1950 of party clothing costs about $50.
You can also get real deals at shrimptoncoexport.
Com, which can be searched ten years ago and offers some of the most refined 1950 styles.
There are plenty of sunskirts and vintage dresses dotted with satin, chiffon, taffeta and rhinestones --
Several built-in
Skirt in tulle-
About $175 to $325.
If you are not in the mood to search online or in a thrift store in the city, but still want to try the vintage style of the season
Fashion inspiration, you are lucky.
The aisles of the major chain stores are filled with all kinds of women\'s skirts worn by Chefer and Brigitte Bado in June.
At Macy\'s, New York Jones\'s iconic gray stretch round stylish dress costs $79. Zara, the fast-
Fashion chains from Spain have introduced a variety of styles, including trendy black skirts for $79.
This reflects this trend. At J. C.
A similar dress costs $25 to $40. A $59.
As the retailer described, the 95 Edme & Esyllte cotton skirt, with a green geometric pattern, is a twist on the \"1950-lap skirt.
\"Feather bass skirt\" on the chain\"
A Navy round skirt with several feathers, neatly arranged at the waist --is $148.
The $1952 \"138 skirt\" is short and has autumn colors.
Other trends of the season are more timeless, such as a large number of fur stol pieces, jackets and vests.
Several designers have incorporated fur into the Fall Series.
However, maybe no one hugs it on the runway like Chanel, where the fur --
The buried model remembered the hateful snowman.
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For those who don\'t like to wear real clothes, the good news is that fake fur is as hot as it is.
Luxury department stores sell faux fur vests for $300, but at a fast pace --
The cost of a stylish version is much lower
Has disappeared from the shelf.
Advertising zara has enough fake fur to build a new mascot for every major league team in the country.
An artificial red fox with a long cap shell, about in the middle. thigh is $79. 90.
A black faux fur vest costs $89. 90. A cappuccino-
Colorful short sleeve vest and thick brightwhite, long-
$99 hair coat. 90 each.
If it\'s just a little bit of fur that will upset you, there\'s a thick knit sweater that offers neutral-tone fur details such as cream, gray and brown for $39. 90.
And a faux fur leopard.
The piracy fee is $59. 90.
For those looking for coats, Topshop sells leopard gray faux fur for $200 and deer for $190.
The cut-out version of the shoulder collar costs $170. A peach above-the-
Knee car coat three-quarter-Long Sleeve (
The kind of black movie screaming)is $190.
At Macy\'s, an international concept company.
The black faux fur vest costs $89.
A short Jack faux fur vest with a subtle gray herringbone pattern costs $65.
If you and your teenage daughter want to wear a matching fur vest, the store\'s Material Girl collection includes a $34 black faux fur vest.
Star stylist Rachel Zoe and reality show staple food cost $79.
80 pieces of \"chinchilla\", \"Black Fox\", \"Red Fox\" and \"silver\" artificial fur vest on QVC and QVC. com. Her V-
A neck vest with a faux fur front costs $62.
A faux fur flap coat with a wingcollar costs $118.
20, and faux fur-
The scarf is $29.
Also online, Boston City for a long time.
The ivory \"charm vest\" described by retailers for hair faux fur costs $119.
Still, if you have made up your mind to get a child in your 70 s
Check out Ricky\'s New York or American outfits, where shiny high
The $49 waist leggings are a small price for a psychedelic experience.
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