Republican defends her decision to wear an American flag hijab and says, \'I just wanted to show that Muslim Americans celebrate our patriotism, too\'

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-26
On Fox News Wednesday, the president of the Muslim Republican coalition wearing a US-flagged headscarf is defending her right to express patriotism.
Some critics say Saba Ahmed is insulting the United States and the flag when it is worn on his head.
Ahmed responded that she loves the United States and only expresses her national pride in star-spangled costumes.
Saba Ahmed told the Daily News that I am a proud American.
Scroll down the video \"I like the flag \".
That\'s why I wear it because I\'m proud of it.
30-year-old Ahmed questioned Trump\'s controversial proposal to close a terrorist-related US mosque in Fox News\'s program Kelly\'s archives.
In an interview with Megan Kelly, she said I just wanted to show that American Muslims are also celebrating our patriotism.
So, I put the flag on the show to show that we are proud Americans.
We want to live in peace.
What ISIS does not represent our religion, and we should not be targeted because of some bad people.
Ahmed wore only her flag headscarf in Washington, D. C. C.
She said she never thought it would lead to such a negative reaction.
\"The positives on Twitter are really great, but I also get a lot of nasty emails,\" she told Daily News . \".
\'People are worried that I don\'t respect the flag, but that\'s not what I meant, \'she said.
Ahmed\'s supporters say she has a \"steel-like ovary\" in her headscarf \".
Nevertheless, Ahmed\'s fashion statement attracted a lot of negativity and positivity, with some calling American citizens \"terrorists \".
\"Little Terrorist\" SabaRMC really wrapped herself in the American flag trying to deceive us into believing that she loves America haha.
# KellyFile \"the headscarf of the protest in Westwood, Easton.
@ FoxNews @ SabaRMC 1.
Christians do not cut people. 2.
Her outfit is a big deal for Americans!
Murph\'s mother also wrote on Twitter in Ahmed\'s costume.
Others flocked to social media to thank Ahmed for his bravery and patriotism.
They say that in a country where a woman can wear a US-flagged bikini, a person should be able to wear a US-flagged headscarf.
\"Seriously, boarding FOXNews in a US-flagged headscarf requires a steel ovary.
Liza Sabater wrote on Twitter that there was no f * ks for # badass.
\"This is great. @SabaRMC -brilliant.
\"Love you so much,\" Jen Miller, who also supports the fashion statement, wrote on Twitter.
Ahmed thanked people for their positive comments, but felt hurt and misunderstood after reading the negative comments.
Positive things on Twitter are really great, she says, but I also get a lot of nasty emails.
\"People are worried that I don\'t respect the flag, but it\'s never my intention. \'
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