recalls this week include hooded sweatshirts, sneakers, lawn movers and scarves

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-22
Consumer goods recalled this week include separately branded child hood jerseys and children\'s sneakers with choking hazards.
Other recalled products include mower and scarf.
The following is a more detailed look: hooded sweatshirt details: Boy split zipper hooded sweatshirt made of 100 cotton.
The recalled jerseys are sold in boy size (size 8-10)and medium (size 12-14).
The size can be found on the label where the seam is sewn on the neck.
A white label was also sewn in the lower left seam of the dress.
The label says Karachi, Pakistan, active clothing, production date \"May 2014\", lot number 61271,159.
From June to August, they were sold at the nationwide stores of Fred Mel and Kroger.
Reason: The Jersey has a pull rope in the neck, which is a choking hazard for children.
Event: no report.
How much: about 7,800.
For more information: call 844-861-5308 from 9 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Visit www from Monday to Friday. activeapparel.
Net, then click the recall tab located at the top of the home page.
This pure organic baby hoodie is made of 100 cotton.
The recalled hoodie was sold for toddlers from 2t to 3.
A white label was sewn around the neckline with the name puerbaby on it.
It also has a label under it with the size printed on it that says the state made in India.
Label with style number pb1613.
B12 is sewn in the inner seam of the garment under the washing instructions label.
They are sold nationwide at children\'s boutiques and other stores such as elephant ears, pumpkin heads, bean sprouts and online stores on www. Nordstromrack.
From January to August.
Reason: There is a pull rope on the neck of the sweater, which is a choking danger for children.
Event: no report.
How much: about 60.
For more information, please call Chantique\'s Corp. collect at (213)629-
From 9 to 3222m. to 5:00 p. m.
PT, Monday to Friday, or send an email to info @ chantiquesshowroom.
For more information, visit com.
Details: high first impression-top, soft-
Sole sneakers for babies.
The recalled shoes have blue denim sole and upper, brown canvas tongue, Brown laces and white polyurethane toe.
The shoes have number 0, Number 1, number 2 and number 3.
The No. 42090 style is on the cloth plate in the shoe.
From February to August, they were sold at Macy\'s stores nationwide.
Reason: small metal eyelets can fall off from the inside of the sports shoes, posing a risk of suffocation to the baby.
Event: no report.
How much: about 5,300.
For more information: Call 800-325-6116 from 8 a. m. to 4:30 p. m.
Visit www from Monday to Friday. trimfootco.
Com, then click \"recall\" on the left side of the page for more information.
Children\'s sandals details: Koala Baby Girl plastic sandals with butterfly wings on toe with rhinestones and hard or soft Corktype soles.
Sandals come in a combination of white or pink, gold and blue colors.
They are sold in girls sizes from 0 to 3 and 2 to 10.
\"Baby Koala\" with size printed on the sole. White soft-
The model of the Soled sandals is GNL 43633BR, the item number is 795267, printed on the label on the ankle strap of the sandals. White hard-
The Soled sandals have the model GNL 43706BR and the item number 795313.
Combination of pink, gold and blue
The Soled sandals are available in model GNL 43634BR and item number 795275.
Combination of pink, gold and blue
Soled sandals are available for GNM wear 61BR and 845795.
They are sold online across the country in Toys R & D and baby R & D shops and Toys R & D.
Com and babiesrus.
From February to September.
Reason: butterfly wings on children\'s sandals will tear and fall off, posing a risk of suffocation for young children.
Event: toy fight city received a report from a consumer who found a butterfly wing of a shoe in his child\'s mouth.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 19,000.
For more information: Call toy fight city (800)869-
7787 or surf the Internet at www. toysrus.
For more information, click product recall \".
Lawn mower details: Craftsman 3-in-1 high-wheel, gas-
Honda GCV160 engine and 21-inch deck.
The top front of the engine shield has the craftsman logo and \"GCV 160 \".
\"Honda\" is located at the top of the pull rope shell cover.
The craftsman\'s logo was also printed on the cover of the back trough and on the side of the newspaper cutter bag.
The top of the bag is printed with \"dust cover\" and \"EZ empty bag \".
The first six digits of the serial number are the date of manufacture in MMDDYY format.
The recalled mower was manufactured between April and June 2014.
The serial number and model 384531 are on the data board at the back of the cutover plate.
From June to July, they supply hardware stores for sale in orchard.
Reason: The engine control/bail rod on the handle may fail, causing the engine to run and the blade to rotate, posing a risk of harm to the consumer.
Event: no report.
How much: about 700.
For more information: Call Husqvarna 877-257-
6921 between 8: 00 Monday and Friday. m. and 7 p. m. ET.
Women\'s scarf details: 100 silk scarf for Ms. Zazou.
They are sold in 20 different solid colors, including black, Burgundy, celery, chili red, coral, espresso, purple, gray, Indigo, Iris Blue, fog blue, olive, Peacock pink, purple, Ruby, sea foam and white.
The scarf is 72 inch long and 20 inch wide.
Zazou Luxe is printed on the label on the side seam of the scarf.
They are sold in specialty stores and online throughout the country. zazou.
Com and other websites from August 2012 to August 2014.
Reason: the scarf does not meet the federal flammable standard for wearing clothing and poses a risk of burns to consumers.
Event: no report.
How much: about 3,800.
For more information, please call 800-472-2783 from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
PT visits www from Monday to Friday. zazou.
Com, click \"recall\" for more information or send an email to monique @ zazou\'s company. com.
The diameter of the hard wall curb hose is 1 inch and the length ranges from 9 inch to 100 feet, including various manufactured hosesto-
Order length with fixed and rotating accessories.
This product is used together with the gas station nozzle to distribute or transfer refined fuels such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol mixture and biodiesel mixture.
The recalled hoses are black, green, blue, yellow or red.
The date code of WWYY format M1014 to M3014 is installed with the model starting from FLHFR3XX XXX or FLXHW3XX XXX.
On products with fixed fittings, the model is on the label on the curl card sleeve.
On products with rotating accessories, models can be found on the label of the shipping box. \"FLEX-ING FLEX-
About \"or\" flexsteel futura \"printed on the hose.
From July, they were sold at dealers, contractors and gas stations across the country.
Reason: the curl on the fuel hose may be loose, causing the fuel to leak, causing fire and explosion hazards.
Event: no report.
How much: about 6,700.
For more information, please call 800-Franklin refueling system225-9787 from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Visit www from Monday to Friday. Come on in Frankfurt.
Click FLEX-
For more information, see recall \".
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