QC Fashion featuring Regina fashion designer Mathieu Berthiaume

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-29
When you are a fashion designer, you should not focus on the clothes you wear;
It should be in the design you create for others, 23-year-
Matthew, fashion designer, old Berthiaume Regina.
\"You don\'t want others to notice yourself.
That\'s why his style is \"very practical, very comfortable \".
\"I\'m basically in uniform,\" he said . \"
\"I don\'t wander very much.
\"So on any day you can see Berthiaume wearing basic jeans, a basic white T-
Shirt and a pair of trendy boots.
In addition to accessories, he added a basic belt to the band.
Here, Berthiaumeis in a white T-shirt
Shirt: Topman from Vancouver.
A basic white T.
Shirts are always stylish, says Berthiaume.
Jeans: blue.
\"They are very old. They are my favorite jeans. I love them.
\"Belt: not a man wearing a lot of accessories, he only chose a basic brown leather Beltway to do his job --day look.
Boots: this brown suede leather boot comes from ASOS, an online fashion and beauty store in the UK, from which Berthiaume likes to buy.
\"I often shop online.
Sometimes, Berthiaume wears a watch.
But in general, he is no longer wearing accessories.
\"These can sometimes get in the way when you work with your hands,\" he explains . \".
Even at the event, Berthiaume doesn\'t like to dress formally.
Instead of a formal suit or tuxedo, he prefers \"beautiful black leather boots, black skinny jeans, a fitted white dress shirt and a black leather jacket.
\"I don\'t wear a lot of color clothes when it\'s official --
\"It\'s either a piece,\" he said . \".
\"But I would wear some color clothes if I was casual.
Berthiaume advises people to buy a good capsule wardrobe with a white T-
Shirt, a white stylish dress shirt, black and blue jeans, a beautiful jumper sweater that can be worn with jeans, leather boots and canvas shoes, a beautiful leather or denim jacket.
\"It\'s always a good investment,\" he said . \"
\"I will pursue quality instead of quantity on any day.
Berthiaume prefers to design women\'s clothing.
\"I like basic, real
Outline of women.
I like a good Max woman jacketand I like to wear it at night.
Berthiaume studies fashion design around the world
The famous beauty school in Vancouver, branch MacDonald Center.
About a year after helping fashion designers in Vancouver, he returned to his hometown of Regina a year ago.
He is currently an assistant to Dean lenwick, a senior fashion master in the province of SA, and his design has been recognized by the international community.
\"I learn from him every day,\" Berthiaume said . \".
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