proof you can have hair extensions and not look like a wag (warning: it will cost you!)

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-20
My friend looked at me suspiciously at the table.
\"You look different,\" she said . \"
\"A bit polished and assembled together.
You don\'t look as tired as usual.
What did you do?
\"In the assembled company, I feel that there is no way to go.
Yes, even though I said that myself, I look a little less tired, but the reason I changed my face is not to travel to the expensive spa and take a week off in bed, even sneaky into Botox.
This is unlikely to happen.
My fine, mous-pulled, rough hair was never worth a comment as my hair was secretly extended.
This is correct: that is, TOWIE staple food, must shake beauty
In addition to the orange spray tanning and fake claws.
But what most women don\'t realize is that there is a more subtle version that suits Chelsea better than segwell.
They are favored by Hollywood actresses.
Girls, and working women like me and mother west London, that\'s why I met them in the first place.
A few months ago, I was on my way to a party at the gallery.
An educated historian and mother of a child, I commented on her hair
Shiny, mane. like —
She told me the secret.
Like me, she was cursed, her hair was good and her tail was big, not a beautiful fat ponytail, so she had an extension. Not the waist-
Synthetic skimminglooking ones (
Women who desperately want the world to know that they have the money to splurge, wearing an honor badge, with designer labels and handbags to show off)
But the discreet extension gave her better and thicker hair.
My eyes fell off.
I suddenly understood.
All women with glossy hair on TV, in magazines
Kate Beckham, Victoria BeckhamThose dressed-
Under French edit type, silk shirt, jeans, and so called low
Maintain the appearance of \"nature?
The more charming Russian looking.
Is it more likely than British peers?
They all-
Or almost all.
Keep your hair secretly. The cheats!
In fact, they are so accepted in France that one of the leading manufacturers of hair extension products is the fashion company Balmain.
At about the same time, a male barber who shaped my hair
I think he\'s had a bad time, too.
Because it doesn\'t do what he wants, he almost loses his temper.
It\'s not your fault dear, but your hair is really impossible!
He kept muttering. He had a point.
I have the kind of fine hair that can get rid of expensive blows --
Dry after a few minutes, it will still flatten if you reinforce it with concrete.
In the face of mice, gel, spray and all those bulky things, my natural hair would scoff and think of myself as a lifeless fortress.
Before my friend admitted her secret, I thought it was something I had to put up.
So, I finally found Stephanie Pollard\'s chair at Chelsea\'s hairstyle studio, which scared me a bit.
Not cheap expansion-
The real hair is about 400 and the synthetic fiber is about 250.
Stef recommends using \"volume \"-
About 100 small castles.
As long as my own hair.
The hair donated by Spanish women will be the best match.
Looking at them, spreading like the dog\'s tail, I do feel strange.
Whose hair is this?
What is their story?
Why did she choose to sell it?
I will never know.
It feels strange.
Like an organ transplant without a health excuse.
Tress-the extension is stuckby-
Use a drop of melted resin heated by a gun, from the scalp to the hair of your own hair about centimeters
Like a device.
As I was sitting in her chair, Stef and I took a quick look at Hello!
She analyzed who had what.
I tell you, they\'re all scammers. It’s like real-
Life spray, every time they let their age dropped by ten years.
British nobility, Little Star, wife of Taikangmade women . . .
Stef\'s clients range from scholars in their early 20 s to 86 S, and most of them keep their expansion secret.
When my hair is shaped, when I think: \"I made a ridiculous and expensive mistake.
I want to know why stupid vanity suddenly broke out.
Two hours later, however, my hair became lighter and thicker and looked very natural.
On my way home, I first enjoyed the feeling of a slight hair bounce on my shoulder.
I didn\'t tell my husband that I wasn\'t sure he would notice.
But he said it was important that my hair looked beautiful because he usually didn\'t say anything.
However, the next morning I realized the practicality of the extension.
You can\'t pass them by hand or brush in the same way.
You did brush it, but it was a little more gentle.
What I prefer is that it is thicker but more confusing.
I still wash it every other day, but with acetone-
Free shampoo that does not weaken the resin.
I like my extension.
The greatest satisfaction is to tie it into a ponytail and feel it is as thick and heavy as the horse\'s hair.
I was asked, \"What did you do ? \"?
You look younger. . .
No one really guesses the truth.
I was warned that they would need a replacement in three months.
So about 12 weeks later, back at the salon, I went to the \"repair\" for another 400 \".
That\'s the problem: they are addictive.
A friend even said that she had a different self when she put them in: she called her \"Mrs. swash \".
She\'s been off for six years.
She says she thinks she can wear sportswear and still feels great.
In fact, it is \"swipe \".
\"The trouble is that my husband doesn\'t like Mrs. wish.
He likes me more of a lazy, natural person.
She said he was shocked by the idea, but actually I think he was shocked by the cost.
It\'s a very expensive habit and she must have spent almost £ 10,000 over the years.
There are famous examples of mistakes in hair extension habits.
Naomi Campbell\'s shocking baldness was also blamed on her years.
Tight hair (
Sew a small piece of hair on an existing one)—
Stef assured me that my extensions will not happen because they are lighter.
My friend rested from the extension.
Her hairdresser believes that her hair will benefit a little from \"lying down and resting\", but she is eager to get more.
\"I really rely on their confidence right now,\" she said.
\"I think they took me from four to six.
I will live better when I put them in.
\"I totally sympathize with you. I\'m afraid I\'ll be in trouble . \"on addiction.
I don\'t know how long I can prove my new habits, but I\'m already afraid of not having them.
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