perms, dyes linked to concerning compounds in hairdressers

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-24
NEW YORK (Reuters Health)-
In a new study, hairdressers who often use light-colored hair dye or hair dye
Waving products on customers has more potential cancer
It is easier for hairdressers to produce compounds in their blood than for those who use less frequent chemicals.
The study included hairdressers, as well as women who used hair dye on themselves, and some women who had never used hair dye, none of whom had been diagnosed with cancer.
The World Health Organization believes that hairdressing work may cause cancer because hairdressers are at a higher risk of bladder cancer.
New results can help narrow the scope of cancer.
Causing the agent to come from.
The researchers studied nearly 300 hairdressers, 32 individual dye users and 60 non-
Contrast dye users.
All non-participants
Women who smoke, in their blood, tested several potential carcinogenic compounds known as aromatic amine.
In general, there is no more of this compound in the barber\'s blood than any other group.
But in the stylist group, certain compounds are more common in the stylist --
Compared to those who don\'t use the product very often, wave therapy a few times a week or a week.
Specifically, the methyl-amine compound in the blood increases with exposure to perm chemicals and permanent light-colored hair dye.
\"Measurement level of O-
The toluene content in the blood of the hairdresser is generally low, but exposed to o-
Methyl-amine is a carcinogenic compound and should be kept as low as possible, \"said Gabriel M. Johansson.
Johnson worked on the study at Lund University in Sweden.
According to the US government\'s industrial hygienist conference, toluene has long been used as the basis for many dyes and has been recognized as a carcinogenic substance in animals.
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health said that these compounds have potential carcinogenic effects on humans and suggested keeping occupational exposure to methamine at a minimum viable amount.
The researchers picked a hair that they could buy.
Waving the product and testing if it contains p-anidine, they found P-anidine in a mixture of fixative and Perm. Semi-
According to the results published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, permanent hair dye does not appear to increase the exposure of toluene.
\"In the late 1970 s, in (Europe)
Carcinogenic sson told Reuters Health channel by email that Carcinogenic aromatic amine is prohibited from being used as a hair dye ingredient.
\"Whether this is still a question for modern hair dye is worth arguing about.
\"About 40 years ago, carcinogens in hair products should have been eliminated, and most hair products in North America and Europe are just as safe today,\" said Dr.
Carlo la Wikia from itstow di riche Farm, Milan, Italy.
Cancer researcher La Vecchia is not part of this new study.
\"My point is that these should not be related to cancer risk,\" he told Reuters Health Channel . \".
Since the study is the first of its kind, he says, it needs to be confirmed before the researchers say hair products are still likely to cause cancer.
\"If some findings from this study are confirmed, this should be a sign of changes in the composition of hair dye, but it is far from certain,\" he said . \".
He noted that most of the analyses carried out in this study did not explicitly link hair products to potential carcinogens.
In addition, in the past, dark hair dyes were considered more dangerous because they contained more chemicals than light-colored hair dyes, he said.
\"This is another strange discovery of this study,\" he said . \".
Johansson said her team will continue to analyze light and dark hair dye products to find the same compound found in the hair stylist\'s blood.
At the same time, she said, hairdressers should use gloves to minimize exposure to chemicals in dyes and should be replaced with new gloves after mixing dyes, applying dyes and washing dyes.
She said that since many hairdressers think it is difficult to cut their hair with gloves, they should cut their hair before dyeing it, rather than after dyeing it.
La Vecchia said that even if the results of carcinogens are not confirmed in other studies, it is a good idea to take these precautions because hair chemicals do contain toxins and irritating substances. SOURCE: bit.
Ly/1l1359S Occupational and Environmental Medicine, online, June 9, 2014.
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